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#Blogmas8: Christmas Nails Inspo

Hello beautiful people and welcome to #blogmasday8. Today I spontaneously decided to go get my nails done, I love getting my nails done even though the process of choosing a colour is so difficult, why is it so difficult to choose a colour or design? or is this just me? Anyways, I either go on… Continue reading #Blogmas8: Christmas Nails Inspo

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#Blogmas7 : The Little Things We Do…

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog. Happy Blogmas Day 7 and Happy Wednesday You may be familiar with the saying "on Wednesday we wear pink" from the ever so famous movie "mean girls". If you haven't watched it, you should. I means the movie is your typical high school experience movie that we… Continue reading #Blogmas7 : The Little Things We Do…

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#Blogmas6 : Christmas Log Gone Wrong

Hello beautiful people! Happy Tuesday and welcome to #blogmasday6!!  Thinking about all the wonderful Christmas memories reminded me of one Christmas when my mom decide to make a Christmas log and it went wrong. My dad wasn't feeling well so he was recovering while my mom and I were getting dinner ready. Christmas log is… Continue reading #Blogmas6 : Christmas Log Gone Wrong

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#Blogmas5 : Netflix and Chill

Hello beautiful people and welcome to Blogmas Day 5, this evening we're having a Netflix and Chill night. Although things may be opening up again, snuggling at home in some comfy clothes,a nice movie, a warm drink sounds so much better, well to me. Don't get me wrong I miss dressing up,looking cute,and going out… Continue reading #Blogmas5 : Netflix and Chill

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#Blogmas4 : A Spontaneous Day Out

Hello beautiful people and welcome to #BlogmasDay4. I hope you've been enjoying my blogmas edition, I've definitely been loving reading other bloggers blogmas content. So today I had a very improptu day out with my friends. We went to a christmas market, we spend the afternoon browsing through Christmas trees, looking at pretty Christmas decorations,… Continue reading #Blogmas4 : A Spontaneous Day Out

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#Blogmas3 : It’s okay to not be okay

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog. It's #blogmas day 3 and we're still going. So today's blog is going to be abit of encouragement for anyone going through a tough time. Sadly this season may not be a jolly one for everyone which is sad but an unfortunate reality. Today has been one… Continue reading #Blogmas3 : It’s okay to not be okay

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#Blogmas1: 3 Kind Of Christmas Parties

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog.. Happy Wednesday. Today I will be sharing 3 kind of parties you could host over the holidays. If you're like me and enjoy having people over. There's no better time to do that than during the holidays. The fun part about planning a party is you could… Continue reading #Blogmas1: 3 Kind Of Christmas Parties

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Remember Why You Started…

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog and happy Monday.Hope this week is starting on a good note for you and if not I am sending positive vibes and my love to you, mine has been great. I did most of what I had to do, got enough rest and this time didn't forget to… Continue reading Remember Why You Started…

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Sweet Saturday: What’s For Brunch ?

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog...Happy Saturday, I hope that you have some fun and relaxing plan for the day Some dear friends of mine have a tradition of having pancakes on Saturdays at their house which has turned into staying for lunch, dinner, games and other times staying the weekend.. what I… Continue reading Sweet Saturday: What’s For Brunch ?

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Listen To Your Body

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog. Happy Friday and happy weekend.. what have you guys got planned for the weekend? Being in lockdown and the way the weather has been, it would be nice to have a little sunshine and to go out for a walk and get some fresh air.I've barely left… Continue reading Listen To Your Body