Hello lovelies,Welcome to my blog. My name is Dorcas, I’m 24. I am originally from Congo (DRC) but currently live in the UK. I created Mimmacula’s Lounge to share all my interest, thoughts, and opinions and also to be able to interact with other bloggers and people of the same interest. I’ve got so many things I will be sharing, from cooking and baking, fashion, education, relationships, friendships, life in general and the list goes on. Along with blogging, I also have a youtube channel called “Mimmacula’s Lounge” be sure to check it out.With that being said thank you for joining my journey and I hope that my blog will bring you joy in one way or another.xoxođź’‹Mimmaculađź‘‘

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Instagram : Mimmacula

Youtube: Mimmacula’s Lounge

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