Cheers To 100 Blog Posts!!

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog.

Happy Monday, happy new week!

So turns out my last post was my 100th blog post! Woop woop!!

Although I was really happy to get this notification, I was a little upset with myself at the same time.

I kept thinking that for someone who has been blogging for about 4 years I should have hit this milestone a long time ago. Maybe if I blogged everyday, maybe if I didn’t accidentally delete one of my published posts or didn’t overthink the posts in my draft I could have been way ahead with my blogging journey.

Instead of celebrating the milestone, I felt disappointed. Sadly this is a reality that alot of us go through. Yes it’s okay to have high expectations for ourselves, yes it’s good to want to be doing the most but I had to stop myself from carrying on feeling disappointed and rather being to celebrate that I did that!

I wrote 100 blog posts! I shared some good content! I created a platform! I put it in the work! Overall I loved and enjoyed the journey. I have always preached to celebrate your victories and achievements no matter how big or small. The reality is sometimes we forget what we preach and a reminder is needed.

So with that being said I am done feeling disappointed. I am going to celebrate these 100posts well now 101 including this one! I am going to celebrate each and everyone of you that have taken the time to read, follow, like and comment. I celebrate all my followers on here and my blogger friends.

Thank you for your support, thank you for the love and cheers to another 100posts and more

So the message here is don’t be so hard on yourself, celebrate the things you achieve no matter how small they may seem, enjoy the journey. You are doing great!

Have an amazing week



7 thoughts on “Cheers To 100 Blog Posts!!

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  1. Congrats on hitting 100 posts! I understand how you felt, you think you are supposed to hit certain goals early or you aren’t where you think you are supposed to be with blogging but it all works out!


  2. YAYYYY!!
    You’re right- it’s okay to have high expectations, but letting that drag you down would probably not be a good idea XD XD
    Congratulations- that’s a pretty awesome milestone (:

    Liked by 1 person

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