Protect Your Peace

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog!

So today I want to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while now,I’ve finally gathered my thoughts to put together in a post. As the title says “Protect Your Peace”, life is constantly throwing things at us to disturb the peace we would all want to be in all the time. As disturbing as that is, I feel that we are very capable of doing what’s best for us.. For our own sake and for the sake of our own peace.

I thought about some things you could do to protect your peace. Now I am not a professional but some of these things I have practiced myself and they worked for me..

*Be picky with who you allow in your circle

The people you allow in your circle could either bring in negativity or positivity. So surround yourself with people that are good for you. People you could rely on and vice versa, people that truly love you and care for you. People that bring positivity. Not everyone should be a part of your circle, so be very picky on who you let in because unfortunately not everyone wants you to prosper.

*Saying No

Now this is something I feel alot of people struggle with sometimes myself included. However I am now learning to say no without feeling the need to apologise. I’m not saying be rude about it but you cannot walk this earth being a yes man. I have been listening to my gut feeling and if something doesn’t sit well with me, it’s an immediate decline. Learn to say no to things you don’t agree with, things you don’t want to participate in, things that put you on edge. Simply say no and go on about your day. The more you practice this the easier it becomes.

*Control your social media

Now with social media and how everything travels. It’s almost a little impossible to control what you come across however here is a tip. UNFOLLOW, UNFRIEND And DISCONNECT. Unfollow those accounts that are triggering your thoughts, UNFRIEND people that are always on a mission to throw some shade or who’s post also doesn’t sit well with you. There is really no need for that and DISCONNECT from social media, take a break from it, do a little social media detox. Delete or block the apps and reconnect with a book instead. Doing these things gives you some control on what you feed your mind when scrolling through your platforms.

*Get rid of toxicity in every form

Whether it’s people, a habit, a change of scenery. Get rid of anything toxic. Sometimes we tend to cling onto relationships based on the fact that they have been there for years yet the relationship is more damaging than nurturing. Analyse the relationships you have with people, your habits, and your tolerance. And clear out anything that is harmful to you for the sake of your peace. This is a difficult one because sometimes it means letting go of certain people or things you are used to but is it worth it.


One major way to protect your peace is to ask God for peace. There is no greater peace we could ask for. Philippians 4:1 The peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and your mind in Jesus Christ. Pray about anything that is disturbing your peace, whether it’s a friend, a partner, a job, a habit or life pray for God to grant you his peace.

Protecting your peace helps you to maintain a healthy space not just internally but also externally aswell. So do what you need to do to be at peace with yourself and with the ones around you.

That all I have for today. I’ll see you in my next post


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