Saturdays Were Made For Brunch

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog. Happy Saturday, well it is nearly evening time, but I can only hope you’ve had or are still having a wonderful Saturday.

As for me, I slept in a little bit, so my day started a little later but then again, it is Saturday. Today was one of those days where I really missed going out for brunch. Brunch is definitely one of my favourite things to do on the weekend, well at least it was before the pandemic. I spent the early afternoon craving and scrolling up on Pinterest, all the possible brunch meals I could have had I been able to visit my favourite brunch spots. I eventually made my own version but I was interested to see what other peoples brunch choices were, so I did a little poll on my Instagram story @mimmacula (Be sure to follow me and participate on the poll), so here we are

This or That Brunch edition.

If I had a choice between continental and English breakfast, I would definitely go with English breakfast. Even though I always ask for no mushrooms, beans or mushrooms, yes I am one of those people.

Now second option Egg Benedicts verses Egg Royale? Egg Royale all day everyday, my absolute favourite, the combination, eggs, salmon, spinach and hollandaise sauce is so beautiful together!!

Sunny side up verses Scrambled eggs, I am not a fan of scrambled eggs like that so definitely sunny side up.

Although I keep my toppings quiet simple, I prefer sweet pancakes over savoury one.

Muesli bow verses smoothie bowl? Muesli bowls. I prefer my smoothies in a cup rather than a bowl, maybe I should try it that could give me a different opinion.

Although I would lean towards sweet waffles, savoury kind of sounds better, well maybe it’s the picture but I would like to know what that combination taste like together.

French toast verses crêpes is such a hard choice!! I love them both equally but in this case I will take the crêpes because I haven’t had them in a while. Now what’s brunch without some bubbly?! Mimosa verses Peach Bellini? Mimosa add day event though I love peach bellinis, this time I will go for a nice glass of chilled mimosa.

The last picture was my attempt to brunch at home with what I could find in my kitchen, I sautéed some spinach adding salt, pepper and sprinkle of all purpose seasoning, fried some eggs, also decided to add some mozzarella sticks and avocado. I did not have a mimosa but had a nice cup of raspberry tea and some water. It was super delicious and filling!! I don’t have the biggest appetite, so best believe I am still full from my very late brunch.

Well that is all I have to share today. Let me know what your Go-to Brunch meal is and what you you prefer from the options above.

It is now early evening so I will spend the rest of my evening chilling and catching up with some youtube videos and series. Wishing you a wonderful evening and weekend.

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