Dear 2020

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog and Happy New Year.

By the time you read this it may already be 2021, this more than anything is a reflection in a form of a letter.

Dear 2020,

A year we will never forget. The pain, the tears,the surprises and overall confusion. Although you shocked us more than we could have ever imagined, you helped us to.

You helped us to change our focus. You helped us look within ourselves, you helped us realise we are stronger than we thought we were.

Yes we cried, yes we were hurt, upset and confused but despite it all we made it through. We may have lost our loved ones,we may have lost our jobs but we never lost hope.

So thank you, thank you for what you brought. It may take time for us to realise some of the things you taught us but for now we say farewell. We will never forget you, for the good and the bad you brought we are grateful.



Wishing you all an amazing new year ahead. I know that this year has been tough but guys we made it to the end and I am so grateful. Not only grateful but also proud of each and every single one of us. For holding on despite the hardship,for finding ourselves and so much more.

When I look back I actually see so much growth, so much confidence, and greatness that this year birthed. Despite it all, so many good things came out of this year. We may not see it now but trust me this year will forever be significant to us.

Happy New Year everybody and Cheers to a prosperous and fantastic 2021. We got this y’all



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