#Blogmas10: Christmas Alone..

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog. It’s #blogmasday10!! I took a little break in between not only because I was quiet busy but also because alot of things were happening over the past few days and honestly I just needed a little break.

Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that we’re still in a pandemic because somehow this has become the new normal. But people are still affected, people’s lives are changing, numbers are fluctuating and this pandemic is still here. As I mentioned before alot is happening and the past few days have been a reminder that we’re still in a pandemic. Travels have been cancelled, other places are on lockdown again, the government is debating on whether or not to allow gathering and a whole lot more.

Because of that I feel like although we may have some sort of freedom it’s important to still follow the rules to help reduce the spread of this virus. If there’s one thing I’ve realised is how different this Christmas is going to be for alot of people and that we should be mindful and kind towards one another. Alot of people may have to spend Christmas alone due to the pandemic.

So I thought of sharing a few ways on how not feel so alone this Christmas.

Have a video call with your family

We have so many means of communication to help us stay in touch with our families and friends from a distance. So calling your family and having a little video session could brighten your day a little bit.

Christmas with friends or housemates

If you have friends around or housemates who are also spending Christmas alone. You could have a little celebration together, share a meal, exchange some gifts and have a lovely Christmas

Make it your own

Normally we tend to feel the pressure of everything being perfect for Christmas etc etc but that shouldn’t be the case if you’re alone. Let it be what you want it to be, whether it’s sleeping in, and having take away for dinner ? Or cooking a whole feast for yourself. Have fun with it, and let it be what you want it to be.

Go to church

The real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth is Jesus Christ and what better place to spend it than at church. I know most church have a Christmas carol service on Christmas day. So whether it’s your church or the local church, attend a service, pray be blessed and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Go out or Cook For Yourself

I mean why not treat yourself to a nice meal? Whether you decide to cook it or head out to a restaurant for a lovely Christmas roast. I’d encourage dressing up, have a lovely meal and making the most of the day.

Those were a few ideas on how to not feel so lonely on Christmas day. I know that this is a very challenging time for some people but remember that you are truly not alone and that this isn’t forever.

Happy Holidays


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