#Blogmas7 : The Little Things We Do…

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog. Happy Blogmas Day 7 and Happy Wednesday

You may be familiar with the saying “on Wednesday we wear pink” from the ever so famous movie “mean girls”. If you haven’t watched it, you should. I means the movie is your typical high school experience movie that we all grew up watching but the only thing I pulled out of that was that saying. Maybe because pink is my favourite colour and it gave me a reason to emphasize on that.

Just like the saying,I find a way to wear pink on Wednesday. It’s sounds so silly but it’s become so normal to me and honestly I love it. Life is too serious and if holding on to something like this brings me joy Weekly then why not. I think it makes it more special because I was born on a Wednesday.

Anyways like every other Wednesday I wore pink today and matched my makeup to the theme. I wasn’t going anywhere, I just felt like looking cute. I’ve been in abit of a funk the past couple of days that simply doing this made me a little happier.

Because sometimes it’s the little things we do that brings us the most joy. So don’t dismiss it because it may sound silly and childish to someone else, if it helps you and causes no harm to you. Keep going 💕

With that being said…

I hope you’ve had a good day. Do you have a habit that helps you feel better? What did you do for yourself today to feel better ?

Happy holidays

Mimmacula 💋

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