#Blogmas6 : Christmas Log Gone Wrong

Hello beautiful people! Happy Tuesday and welcome to #blogmasday6!! 

Thinking about all the wonderful Christmas memories reminded me of one Christmas when my mom decide to make a Christmas log and it went wrong.

My dad wasn’t feeling well so he was recovering while my mom and I were getting dinner ready. Christmas log is a popular dessert to have on Christmas so you could easily get it from a bakery or the supermarket, however this time my mom decided she wanted to make it from scratch. Which was fun, my mom and I used to bake alot when I was little so seeing her bake after such a long time got me super excited. She got all her ingredients and decoration and began baking. Everything was going well and we were all excited, so much that throughout dinner we couldn’t wait to get to dessert. 

PS: This image is from Google but I needed a reference

Once we cleared the table from our main meal, we brought out the dessert which had been chilling in the fridge while we were having dinner for the chocolate to set. What we didn’t realise was that we covered the cake with way too much chocolate which then created this super thick chocolate layer that we couldn’t cut through. After several attempt using various knives we couldn’t help but laugh at the situation because each attempt just got funnier and funnier and my dad made a new joke every time. We eventually managed to break it down, literally and enjoy the delicious cake that was hiding under chocolate cement. It’s fair to say we never made a Christmas log again after that. 

I completely forgot about this until I saw a picture of a Christmas log and the memory came running back.  Although the Christmas log went wrong, we still had an amazing Christmas together as a family which is what it’s all about really, no matter how things don’t always go to plan, there’s always a memory that comes out of it.

What funny memories do you have of Christmas?

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Happy Holidays, 


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