#Blogmas5 : Netflix and Chill

Hello beautiful people and welcome to Blogmas Day 5, this evening we’re having a Netflix and Chill night.

Although things may be opening up again, snuggling at home in some comfy clothes,a nice movie, a warm drink sounds so much better, well to me. Don’t get me wrong I miss dressing up,looking cute,and going out but the way this weather has been lately I’d rather stay in the comfort of my own home.

This is the first time I haven’t watched a netflix christmas movie yet around this time of the year. I love Christmas but this year is a little odd(maybe it’s just me. We’re slowly getting there though). I’ve seen some really nice trailers on Netflix and I’ve made a list of which ones I want to watch. You can really never go wrong with a cheesy Christmas miracle movie, it brings out the inner child in us.

So on this cold Monday evening, I will be spending the evening binge watching some Christmas movies.

Although I could watch Home Alone(A christmas must watch really!) over and over again.. poor Kevin!

These are the new movies I am planning to watch

*The Princess Switched Again 

*The Christmas Chronicles as well


*Jingle Jangle

Netflix definitely has a variety of christmas movies fit for everyone. So to feel extra festive,gather your family and snacks and binge watch your favourite Christmas movie.

Do you have a favourite Christmas movie? Please recommend any other christmas movies I should watch.

Happy Holidays

Mimmacula 💋

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