#Blogmas2 : My Christmas Traditions

Hello beautiful people ! It’s blogmas day 2 and I’m really excited, I am slowly getting into the festivities and what better way to do that than to remenisce.

So today I will be sharing Christmas traditions with my family.

The very first thing we do together is decorate the tree and the house, this is something we tend to do either the first week of December (if it was up to my mom, we would do it in November) or the week before Christmas. But either way, we always do it together as a family, we pick a day, bring out a tree and spend an evening decorating in our pyjamas, blasting 20 different versions of the same Christmas song (again this is my mom’s thing). I had no idea there were so many versions of silent night.

Once the tree is up, the gifts start filling the bottom of the tree. I mean this is probably my favourite, having to sneak around at night time wrapping presents because you want it to be a surprise. Whether you are a kid or not, you have to admit that getting presents is exciting.

Another tradition we started when I went to university was skiing. We would travel to Austria for the holidays and literally have a white Christmas. I still remember my very first white Christmas ( I will share this one day), it truly is magical being up in the mountains, surrounded by snow on Christmas Day, simply beautiful.

The third tradition we have is exchanging presents at midnight on the 25th of December (so the night of Christmas eve into Christmas day). Spending Christmas away from home changed certain things around. So the holiday resort organised a Christmas dinner for the guest with entertainment, singing Christmas carols and every now and then my sister would serenade the crowd with her beautiful voice. After the singing, we have dinner with the family and our friends. The dinner is usually a late one so by the time we’re done with dinner it would almost be midnight. We’ll then rush to our rooms, gather the presents and head to my parent’s room to exchange presents. The times we spent Christmas at home, we exchange presents on Christmas Day.

My last tradition is what we do on Christmas day. Christmas brunch, we started this a while back, so we’ll sleep in bit and have brunch instead of an early breakfast. We don’t necessarily have anything specific or different other than Christmas cookies. I love Christmas cookies, they are so yummy and addictive. But anyways, we have brunch as a family ofcourse with my mom’s popular Christmas playlist in the background. When on holiday, we either spend the day relaxing or hitting the slopes if the weather permits it. Ofcourse call our relatives and send Christmas wishes to out loved ones. The rest of the day are mostly spent relaxing, watching Christmas movies and diner in the evening.

So those were the traditions we have in my family, hope you enjoyed reading and I would love to hear your traditions.

What are some of your own traditions? So we have any common traditions? Kindly share in the comments section below.

Happy Holidays


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