Sweet Saturday: What’s For Brunch ?

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog…Happy Saturday, I hope that you have some fun and relaxing plan for the day

Some dear friends of mine have a tradition of having pancakes on Saturdays at their house which has turned into staying for lunch, dinner, games and other times staying the weekend.. what I love about my friends is somehow we never get bored of each other and the ladies never run out of things to talk about.

Although it would have been nice to be at their house this morning, lockdown regulations aren’t allowing us to do so at the moment. So we’re gonna bring the tradition home, pancakes for brunch it is. I grew up on crepes rather than pancakes but I’ve gotten used to having thick American like pancakes and actually really like them. I prefer sweet toppings on my pancakes but every now and then a savoury combination works just as well.

Now sharing my brunch meal could only be fair if I shared my recipe right .. so here it is, it’s very simple.

My pancake Recipe (ps I measure with my eyes.. for this )

Plain flour

1tsp Baking powder





Vanilla extract (now not everyone adds this but I absolutely recommend adding it to your batter)

You are basically making cake batter and adding milk to it to make it less dense in a way.

The fun thing about pancakes is everybody can have fun with the toppings and if you have kids in the house best believe they will love this.

Here are some topping ideas that I like and I’ve seen people out together.

Nutella ( keep it simple )

Nutella and strawberries or a variety of fruits

Banana and maple syrup ( not a choice of mine but some people eat this )

Eggs, bacon and sausages

Yogurt and fruits ( one of my favourite)

Peanut butter ( I was shocked too when I saw this )

You can top your pancake with whatever suits your palette but try not to over do it and ruin your Saturday. Today I am topping mine with some chocolate spread and mangoes a simple but delicious combination 😍

Anyways.. that’s all I have for this morning. If you love pancakes,let me know what your favourite pancake toppings are or a tradition you’ve created in your house for the weekend. Happy Saturday everybody



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