The beauty of letting go

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog, happy Wednesday, half way through the week although these days almost feel the same everyday but the weekend isn’t too far away.

Last night I was watching a series and scrolling through my Pinterest account as you do on a Tuesday evening. As I was scrolling through the pictures and boards I had saved on my feed back when I was like 19, a good 5 years ago. I forgot half the things I saved on there and right now they really served me no purpose because well I’ve grown. My interests have changed and there’s nothing wrong with that. What caught my attention though was the fact that although I knew they served me no purpose, I found it very difficult to get rid of them. I eventually deleted them and reorganised my boards which was great, however going back and forth made me think of the beauty of letting go which is what today’s blog is about.

The beauty of letting go

Letting go can be a very difficult thing to do, especially when you’ve invested time, effort and even emotions. Whether it’s a relationship, an old dress, friendship, or an old habit. I feel that sometimes we need to let go of certain things or people, especially when they are not exactly helping us to either grow, move forward or simply change for the better.

So why is it so hard to let go?

One could say it’s difficult because letting go feels like losing a part of your life. Whether it’s a person or a thing… letting go can be tough, so instead of asking yourself “what if?”, “should I really?” and doubting whether you should let go of something or someone let me give you the reasons why there’s beauty in letting go.

Letting go gives you peace, instead of being stressed out and carrying the heaviness, let it go and be at peace.

Letting go frees you from being stuck in a situation you know you shouldn’t be.. take that leap of faith and get out of that situation and head towards better things.

Letting go helps you to move on, this applies to relationships, life, friends, etc. Sometimes you need to let go of certain people. Life is too short to hang onto people that aren’t doing you any good. Whether it’s a relationship or a friendship.. the people in your life should play a positive part and same goes to you in theirs. What’s the point of having meaningless relationships? So let go of those and move onto better things.

Letting go of the past for the sake of your future. We’ve all gone through things in our lives which may have cause trauma or doubt etc. I’m here to encourage you to let go of the past, let it be a lesson and not a burden.

Letting go of wanting to please everyone. Don’t fall in the traps of wanting everyone to like you. Not everyone will like you and that’s okay. So be your authentic self and allow people to get to know you for who you really are. Imagine faking it everyday .. that’s not a life I want to live so think about it.

I’ve given you five great reasons on why it’s better to let go and I know there are more. So please share other reasons why you think it’s better to let go. I hope this has encouraged you to let go off the things you don’t need to be holding on to. Whether it’s clothes, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, get rid of what isn’t good for you okay!

Hope you enjoyed this blog til next time



4 thoughts on “The beauty of letting go

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  1. Forgiveness is letting go, too. As long as I hold onto our anger against someone, I’m allowing that person to live rent-free in my brain. Why should I give another person that kind of power in my life?

    P.S. If that person was trying to hurt me, why would I give them the satisfaction of staying upset? And if they didn’t mean to hurt me, there’s nothing to forgive, so either way I should let go. 😉

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