At Home Pamper Session

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog.

Happy Friday, I hope you’ve had a productive week and looking forward to relaxing over the weekend. As for me, this week wasn’t as productive as I wanted it to be however I have managed to tick off a few things off my list so far, which I am very happy about.

I decided to start my day off with a mini spa day, instead of taking a shower as I normally do. I ran myself a hot bubble bath, added some bath salt from a local company called Plum and Ashby that I got from my sister for my birthday and also used white lily bubble bath from Avon(this smells like heaven).

I used my favourite Himalayan charcoal face mask from the body shop for my face. I absolutely love the body shop products and currently they have the cutest hampers just in time for the holiday season.

To add more relaxing vibes, I lit a candle and played some french jazz in the background. Something I absolutely love doing.

After my very relaxing bath, I used my Victoria secret shimmer lotion and spray( this also smells amazing),I wanted to do things a little different today. Victoria secret is also another favourite brand of mine when it comes to sprays and lotions. However on a normal day I would use Vaseline cocoa radiant.

On my face I have been using the vitamin C from superdrug ( I am currently trying to find a hydrating face serum, that I can use daily on my face. Kindly recommend some). I then picked an outfit and went downstairs to get on with my day.

I have to say, changing up my routine gave me a little energy boost that I needed and I would absolutely recommend changing thing around every now and then.

If I’ve learnt something about myself is that although I like being organised, sometimes a routine can get boring. So changing things around can make things better. I felt amazing after pampering myself, so here is a reminder… just because the spas are shut at the moment don’t mean you can’t bring it home.

With that being said, have an amazing weekend and don’t be afraid of change.

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3 thoughts on “At Home Pamper Session

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  1. Lovely post! I love me a good facemask and bubble baths are so relaxing.
    I use Vaseline too, but the cocoa glow and I was thinking of changing it to the cocoa radiant. Is the cocoa radiant any good?
    Hyaluronic acid serums are really hydrating. I think the ordinary has one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you for stopping by.. a bath is always a good idea.. I love the cocoa radiant. You should definitely try it.aaah amazing I will check it out . Thank you so much ❣️


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