Hello beautiful people, welcome back to my blog.

Happy Thursday to you all, on today’s blog I will be sharing some of my favourite fall essentials. Although I absolutely love summer, I’ve fallen in-love with the beauty of fall, something about the pretty orange colours and green leaves colours, the rain (I occasionally like rain), and just the freshness of it all.

*Chunky Jumpers : are so comfy and definitely my favourite item during Fall/winter. Whether worn as a casual or a formal outfits, they are the most comfiest pieces to have. Most of my chunky jumpers are from Zara, they are so warm and comfortable. Although Zara clothes are on the pricier side of things, they are definitely worth it. PrettyLittleThing and Inthestyle also have some really cute chunky pieces.

*Turtlenecks & Knitwear : Fall/ winter is all about layering and staying warm. I mean if you are not wearing turtlenecks during fall, I don’t know what you’re doing! Easy to style, comfortable and most of all works both for casual and formal wear. Knitwear dresses, tops, skirts and now loungewear. Knitwear are made to keep you warm this season.

*Coats / Jackets : Trench coat, teddy coat, fur jacket, bomber jacket, leather jacket. always take a jacket. My favourite jacket right now is my brown teddy coat from PrettyLittleThing,  the warmest jacket I own. Also another favourite coat of mine is a black faux fur coat from Missguided, this one gives me the rich aunty vibes.

*Thigh High boot : Although they don’t always stay up (does this just happen to me?), thigh high boots are super stylish and can take an outfit from a 5 to a 10 real quick.


Let’s look at some MUST HAVE accessories. 

*Chunky Scarves : why is is so hard to find a good enough chunky scarf? Although it’s sometimes hard to find, chunky scarves are the best accessory to add to an outfit and most of all to stay warm. 

*Hats : Whether it’s a fedora hat, a beanie , a beret or a turban. These are great accessories to add to your outfit. 

*Gloves : Other than fashionable reasons, gloves are the perfect accessory if you easily get cold hands.


My favourite palette is from Urban decay, Naked Heat. Although I used this alot, the shade on this palette match the season perfectly.

Although the weather may be dull, don’t be afraid to add some colours and patterns to your wardrobe during this season. The fun of fashion is that you make it your own and get to experiment. So have fun, stay warm and slay

So that’s all I have to share today, hope you enjoyed reading this.

Let me know what your FALL MUST HAVES are down in the comment section below



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