Self Love: 5 love languages to yourself

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re doing well.

So today’s blog post is about ways you could practice the 5 love languages towards yourself . The way I was introduced to the 5 Love languages was in a relationship concept, I have read the book a couple of times and truly am a fan. However as an advocate of self-love, I figured we could still apply these 5 love languages towards ourselves.

So here are some ways you could apply the 5 Love languages towards yourself

  • Quality time: spend time with yourself and get to know YOU! Set aside time specifically for YOU. Be intentional about it, whether it’s by booking a solo holiday, a staycation, going for a walk, watching a sunset (my absolute favourite thing to do), booking a dinner reservation for One! yes for that is a thing I think everyone has to do at some point in their lives or simply choosing to stay home for a relaxing evening or day for yourself. Do whatever you feel will help you spent some quality time with yourself.
  • Words Of Affirmation : Speak goodness and great things upon yourself. Normalise complimenting yourself, speaking great things on yourself and overall being kind to yourself. Read some positive affirmations daily, blessings and positive words. Listen to encouraging podcasts surrounding self-love, encouragement and positivity. I would also advice to journal these affirmations and positive things, I came across something I want to start doing, it’s called a gratitude jar, where you write down daily one thing you are grateful for, and read then all at the end of the year. I feel like sometimes we forget some of the things that put a smile on our faces and these kind of things are a great reminders.
  • Receiving Gifts : Treat yourself!! Whether it’s saving money for a big purchase, a life change, a small token of appreciation towards yourself. Treat yourself and accept a gift from you to you. Although it doesn’t have to be an actual item, you could gift yourself a course, an investment, a business interest. Something you will appreciate as a token from You to You.
  • Acts Of Service : Stay organised With acts of service, I see this as being organised in a way that helps you get things done. Whether it’s setting long and short term goals, savings goals, or simply decluttering your wardrobe. Acts of service allows you to stay on track with your schedule, life etc. If you work out regularly, organise your workout schedule and do your meal prep that way you have everything prepared for the days to come.
  • Physical touch : Move and take care of your body Whether it’s a skin care routine, a workout class, a gym session, a diet change or a yoga session. Move and take care of your body the right way. Daily stretches, drinking water, a body scrub, go for a spa day, making yourself look good by wearing your favourite outfit, or simply doing anything that makes your body look and feel good.

My personal favourites are quality time, words of affirmation and receiving gifts however I am working on being able to implement each one of these in my daily routine. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with myself, journaling and also spoiling myself. I occasionally run a bubble bath and reorganise my wardrobe and enjoy tidying up around the house. All of these things help me love myself more and also help me take care of myself in every aspect.

I would encourage everyone to get used to practicing these love languages in whatever way fits best because you deserve some sweet self love too from YOU to YOU.

That is all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed this post and got inspired to practice the 5 Self Love languages in one way or another. I also have a video on my YouTube channel talking about these. Kindly check it out and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more content.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody



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