10 Fun Indoor Date Ideas

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. Happy new month! happy new week! how is it already August! this year has been the heaviest, most confusing and most of all the fastest but we thank God to being able to see another month despite all the insanity going on. So in today’s blog post I will be sharing some Indoor Date Ideas, some that I have tried and some I would love to try. Although I am a big fan of going out and experiencing outdoor dates, I’ve fallen in love with getting creative at home. Getting creative, revamping the house and having a date with your loved one in the comfort of your own home definitely adds a special feel. I also have a video up on my youtube channel sharing more than 10 indoor date ideas if you’d like to see that click this link 16 DATE NIGHT-IN IDEAS!

Before I get into these 10 dates, Although I am creative on my own, I sometimes use Pinterest to get different inspirations. If you don’t have Pinterest, I would absolutely recommend you to get on Pinterest because they have inspiration for everything and anything. From fashion, to decor, to lifestyle, to date ideas and more, so for those days when your brain freezes on you, check out Pinterest for some inspiration. You can also follow my Pinterest page to see my boards: Mimmacula’s Pinterest.

10 Indoor Date Ideas

  • Indoor Picnic : This is definitely my favourite one. Get rid of the tables and chairs, lay a blanket on the floor, light some candles, prepare your favourite nibbles, decorate if you desire to or keep it simple, bring out the picnic basket, your favourite bottle of wine or champagne and have an amazing picnic with your partner.
  • Restaurant At Home: This date is simply to spice up dinner at home. Instead of having your regular dinner, bring the restaurant experience at home. Set the table as they would in a restaurant, light some candles, decorate the table, dim the lights, add some music in the background, dress up and have a romantic dinner at home.
  • Movie Night : watch your favorite movie or binge on a new series. Bring out your favourite snacks and have a movie night. You could change it up by using a projector and a wall to have more of a cinema vibe, changing it up from a regular movie night at home.
  • Games Night: this is for the competitive ones. Bring out the games, whether it’s a board game, video game, word game. Get creative and have a games night with your partner.
  • Karaoke Night: have fun singing along to your favorite songs. There are loads of videos on YouTube that you can use,instrumentals and even make a game out of it..date-night-at-home1
  • Love Letter : this is a very cute date idea. When last did you receive a hand written love letter? In the world of technology everything happens over mobile phones and the beauty of love letters is a little lost. There is something special about writing love letters, spend the evening talking to your partner and expressing how you feel.19b786eb1325d2bef10ce03b85e84a9f
  • Cooking/Baking: if you both love cooking and baking, spend the evening or the day making a favorite recipe or even a new recipe. You could get competitive and cook or bake against each other or simply do it together. date-night-at-home13
  • Spa At Home: like the restaurant at home, bring the spa at home too. Get some bathrobes, some slippers, some candles, dim the lights, play some spa music and relax. I mean you can spice it up by adding some oils and give each other massages. And have a relaxing time at home. 20130325-0017
  • Sip & Paint: I honestly cannot wait to do this one. I am not a painter, I don’t know how to paint but this sounds so fun. Get some paint, a bottle of your favourite drink, some canvas and have a blast. 3ea5c6b2ef13366177c0d2c9e3b6c73a
  • Build a fort: another idea I would like to try, building a fort and spending the evening in the living room rather than the bedroom. Bring out pillows, some fairy lights. You could even bring your TV closer and watch movies in the fort, or you could simply talk.

So there you have it,10 indoor dates to try out at home. Have you ever tried any of these dates?and what are your favorite indoor dates?

Let me know in the comments


Mimmacula 💕

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