Part 2 : My Favourite Holiday Destination

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. Following my last post here is PART 2 of my favourite holiday memories

4. Girls’s trip!!! Every girl needs to go on a girl’s trip at some point in their lives. I recently started doing girl’s trip and boy have I been missing out. I will be sharing two girl’s trip which were both for my friend’s Hen-do/bachelorette parties.

So let’s begin with my first girl’s trip to Crete, Greece. Such a gorgeous destination, living in a massive villa, with a pool and a bunch of ladies literally felt like a reality tv show. Another thing I loved about Crete other than the scenery, culture and vibe, was how friendly the local people were. We had the best landlord and because of her we were able to witness local greek culture, and also the food! oh my goodness the food was amazing! and the weather was amazing! Greece had always been on my bucket list and also though I’ve only been to Crete I plan to visit more of Greece, one day I need to see Santorini!

The second girl’s trip was in Novalja, Croatia! Oh what a summer movie! Again celebrating another hen-do with girls I have become so close to. The weather, the vibe, the laughter, the adventures and the overall happiness. Croatia was an absolute vibe! The people were also amazing and definitely loved a good party. And I don’t know how I’ve just realised that we actually never really made it to the beach until our last day there, but oh well. But overall the holiday was amazing! The people were great! The adventures were unforgettable. I’d definitely like to visit more of Croatia.

5.Baecations – Vacation With Bae

Traveling with your partner is a whole different experience in my opinion, which I absolutely love. So baecation – vacation with Bae! My boyfriend and I took a quick trip to Dublin, Ireland last year and we loved it. Despite the fact that it was really short, we really explored (my mother will be shocked at this because I’m never really the explorer). Having a boyfriend who’s a photographer often means we end up having impromptu photoshoots. So finding awesome places for pictures was one of the many adventures we had in Ireland. We visited the wax museum, dined at the fire restaurant and missed out on the leprechaun museum. Laughed a whole lot, spent an afternoon walking around st Stephen’s garden and ofcourse took loads of pictures. As our first holiday it was amazing.

The next baecation wasn’t actually meant to be a baecation but ended up being one due to various reasons and this was in Portimao, Portugal. The main reason we went to Portugal was for an Afrobeat music festival called Afronation. Now Portugal is a beautiful place and I would go back without thinking twice. Although the main purpose of the holiday was the festival, we managed to explore, relax and even have a cheeky surprise romantic photoshoot that I had planned for my boyfriend and I. Sometimes he takes a break from taking pictures and enjoys being infront of the camera. The location for our photoshoot was insane. On the top of a cliff with the view! Insane! So we had breakfast on a cliff and a photoshoot. I mean what more could you want.

So there you have it guys, some of my favourite holiday memories..

What are some of your favorite holiday memories.

Let me know down in the comments below.

Mimmacula 💋

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  1. Loved reading this. I’d love a girls trip too. I was actually planning one for this year but then Covid-19 hit. I’m seeing if we can make it to next year.

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