Don’t Loose Hope πŸ’•

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend.

I honestly cannot believe it’s already Sunday but I am grateful because it truly is a blessing. So today has been a little different, for one I overslept and the whole day kind of felt slow. I allowed myself to take it slow today because truthfully I had no energy to do anything more than the basics (get up, shower, eat, church online, be on the phone etc). I had more on my list but couldn’t bring myself to do them because honestly like I said I felt drained.

Today is one of those days that I had to allow myself to just lay back and let it be. I had a short conversation earlier with a friend of mine and we discussed how there’s nothing wrong with not doing anything. Sometimes we tend to think not doing anything is being lazy but listening to your mind, body and soul and allowing yourself to just lay back is fine. Leave those clothes alone, put the hoover away, and just lay back. I also think being used to always being on the go makes it hard to slow down, and this is something I believe we’ve all learnt during this season. Although not everyone has the luxury to be home, those of us that are home have learnt to slow down which isn’t such a bad thing.

Someone said maybe we all just needed to stop everything for a moment and they are not totally wrong. Although this time has caused alot of tragedies, it’s helped us to take a break in one way or another.

I shared something on my Instagram and felt to share it here too.

This is the caption I used : “Any moment now” How I’ve felt occasionally during this time or even whenever I’ve faced difficult times. Whenever I feel this way it’s because I’m at the edge, when I’m over it like can we move on kind of thing. Wanting to switch the page to happier times is a normal feeling and desire however it’s important to understand that everything happens for a reason and a lesson comes out of  everything… Learning to be patient through the storm because we know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

I know that this time has been challenging on all of us in one way or another. And honestly linking it to what I was saying earlier, in the process of allowing yourself to lay back and not be stress. Trust God! The reason why I sometimes fail to stop is because I want to hold onto the tangible things I can control but letting it go and trusting God is one way to release myself from the anxiety, stress and tiredness. He has a plan and I trust it’s a beautiful plan. Don’t loose hope, chin up Kings and Queens! This too shall pass ο‘‘




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