OOTD: Denim on Denim

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog.  Hope you’re doing well and still coping with the current situation. Although this is starting to feel like to new normal, I really cannot wait for things to go back to normal really. I don’t know if that makes sense..Anywho

Today I am sharing simple denim on denim outfits. I was inspired by Tandra Smith and her  blog how to make double denim look cool, be sure to check out her page a black girl blogging to see her take on this.

Although I am a girly girl, lover of dresses, skirt and all things girly. I’ve found myself wearing jeans more often these days, and I’ve definitely been rocking denim on denim on many occasions. Sometimes planned and others times accidentally because my denim jacket just happens to be there. So I am going to share my take on denim on denim.

To start off I used to hate ripped jeans about three years ago but now I am sure I have more ripped jeans than normal jeans! Also don’t you just love bleu jeans, there’s something about bleu jeans that’s just amazing. I think bleu jeans are an absolute MUST-HAVE. I like ripped jeans so much that even my denim jacket is distressed. but bare with me it works.. I PROMISE!

Anyways enough chit chat .. Here’s my take on DENIM ON DENIM

So I paired some high-waisted skinny jeans with a black bodysuit ( This bodysuit has like a rainbow detail which adds a pop of colour), of course my oversize denim jacket with some bold details that I love.  I added a colourful headband, some white sneakers even had some sunnies to match the colour scheme! This is such a casual outfit and is super comfortable. What I love about this is how the different shades of denim work well together, the clean white sneakers and the simple top, such simplicity. Although the outfit was rather simple, the pop of colour really added to it and of course slayed the face and the hair and boom we have a look!

PS: I was going to the supermarket y’all! I grabbed my camera and had a whole photoshoot on my way to the supermarket, this is life in lockdown! 


Are you guys dressing up for your grocery runs? I am sure I am not alone. 

Right the second look, if you are like everyone else you definitely joined the TIK-TOK BAND WAGON at some point during this pandemic, if you haven’t you’re missing out! I’m kidding! Do you sis! So my second look is an outfit I wore for a photoshoot I did inspired by TIK-TOK and once you see the pictures, if you’ve been on TIK-TOK then you’ve definitely seen atleast one of these going around. If you haven’t, well here you go.

I attempted the newspaper photography challenge and it turned out really well and honestly I had so much fun with this challenge. You can see more on my Instagram @mimmacula. So here I brought out my high-waisted ripped jeans, I wore a white top, my distressed denim jacket, no shoes because really it wasn’t needed and of course my glasses came back and I slayed!!!

As I mentioned before, I had a blast just experimenting with lights, poses, vibes and all the good stuff. I still have the newspaper wall up because I plan to do a few more of these with different outfits, maybe I will blog about it. This shoot definitely brought the 90’s vibes from the outfit to the lights and the accessories and everything. So thank you fellow tik-tokers (if that’s what they are called) for inspiring me.

That was my take on denim on denim. I think denim on denim is definitely a vibe and honestly it’s so easy to wear and somehow works even when it’s a mixture of different shades. I got my jeans and jacket from PrettyLittleThing , however if you want something more classic, definitely hit the thrift stores or even TK-maxx there you can get classic denim jackets even well known brands sometimes at super affordable prices. Once you have your preferred denim, combine them with your favourite pieces and honestly just have fun with it because that’s what fashion is all about really. Have fun and experiment. Surely by now you can tell, I am pro denim on denim.

What do you think of denim on denim?

Have you joined TIK-TOK during this pandemic?

Let me know down in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this little read.



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