A Day In My Life…Blog Version

Hello beautiful people and happy Sunday. So today I decided to share a day in my life blog version, I wanted to share my Sunday in quarantine as per we’re still on lockdown. I did something similar on my channel on Easter weekend, you can check it out here Quarantine Vlog

On a normal Sunday I’d wake up around 08am to get ready for church which starts at 10:00am but we need to be there before 10.00am of course, however because of the current situation everything is happening online so I don’t have to leave my house. I’ve tried to keep my Sunday routine as I normally would even during lockdown, I wake up early enough, get myself ready as I would do on a normal Sunday. One thing I get to do now is have breakfast which is very rare on a sundays because I’m either rushing to leave the house or simply cannot be bothered because I’m getting ready.

So anyways I woke up around 08:45am, took a shower, got dressed and ready for service. While I get ready I have my gospel playlist playing some good gospel music. I tend to listen to congolese gospel music because it takes me back to when I was younger and honestly I just love congolese gospel music. But I also listen to my other favourite  gospel artists, I will share my playlist and my favourite songs on another blog post.

Having church online has been quiet an experience. I like it however I still miss going to church and being surrounded by everyone else, I love to fellowship with other people! Our programme is still the same except from it being online, So we have sunday school service followed by main service and then youth service. To be fair I love that we are still able to fellowship together despite the current situation. We start at 09.30 and finish  by 14.30 and then we tend to hang out on zoom and chat with each other. I mean this still happened even before Covid-19 we’d always hang out after church. Mostly because we are all friends and do alot together, so after church we’d normally go out to eat or go to a friend’s house for the rest of the day. We’ve really built amazing friendships and I couldn’t be more grateful. But for now we hang out on Zoom! 

Once I was done with church and chit-chats, I decided to make dinner. I made a delicious mango, pineapple and shrimp spicy fried rice and truly outdid myself.. It was AMAZING!!! I’ve made fried rice before but this mix was something new and is now a favourite. It looked and tasted like a holiday and would have been the perfect dish to order on the beach with a cocktail but for now we will just day dream.


Before I could enjoy this deliciousness, I had a quick visit from my friends which was lovely as we haven’t seen each other due to the lockdown. We had lovely chats and laughter as always. Once they left, I had my dinner, watched some youtube videos (which happens to be my new pass time), spoke to my boyfriend and also my parents, attempted to take some pictures but that didn’t work, so I gave up! Now I am listening to music and finishing off this blog post.

I hope you had or are still having a great Sunday. Thank you for stopping by and depending on the time in your country I wish you either a goodnight or a good day. Make the most of it however you can.

Today’s verse of the day is Romans 1:16 


Stay safe and have an amazing week ahead.





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