Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re all doing well…

Personally it’s been abit of a roller-coaster the past couple of days. Although I allow myself to have a lay-in, a “day off” etc, I don’t want to get used to or even get too comfortable with that habit. At the beginning of all of this I was super motivated, constantly productive and on it. As days went by I started feeling exhausted, discouraged, and all that and honestly I didn’t like it and still don’t. I am an advocate of self care and find it so important to remind myself and other people the importance of it. Especially during these time where everything is so unsure, it can get very frustrating and tiring. Therefore finding ways to look after yourself and looking after your mental state is important. You need to be okay…it’s just as important as caring for the next person.

Acknowledging my emotions helps me to find a way out of the slump feeling and pick myself up, however talking to someone else may also lift the weight off your shoulder. Although sometimes people think talking to others about their problems may be a burden to them. But I believe we all have someone we could confine in whether a friend, family member, a pastor, a relative, even help-lines. I strongly encourage you talk to someone if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your emotions as that could genuinely save you from hurting yourself.

What I tend to do when I feel down is incorporate different activities during my day. For me things like reading a book, baking, cooking, colouring, taking a proper bubble bath, even going out for a walk (shocker!! my mom will never believe this!), listening to music, reading the word of God, praying, speaking to my loved ones definitely helps me. Also being creative absolutely brings me joy and definitely gets me out of that mindset.

As it is mental health month, I encourage you all to take even just five minute to CHECK-IN with yourself. As this will allow you to connect with yourself, acknowledge your feelings and find a way to deal with those emotions. Accept what you are feeling but also seek help when you can’t handle it. Although different circumstances may make it difficult to deal with and it’s absolutely easier said that done however daily practice could potentially make it easier.

The same amount you’re pouring into others should be poured into you. Your mental health also matters! Self check in with yourself….

How are you really doing?

Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating well?

Are you exercising? Are you going out for fresh air?

What are you feeling?

Are you acknowledging your feelings? Are you finding solutions?

Take a minute or two and really take some deep breaths…and just relax!

Speak positive affirmations to yourself.. YOU ARE STRONG.. YOU ARE CAPABLE.. YOU CAN DO THIS.. YOU GOT THIS. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

And that all I had to share today. Please please please look after yourselves! Also posted a YouTube video on the similar topic. Please check it out and SUBSCRIBE to my channel and leave a comment that you came from here I’d really appreciate it.




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