Sharing a Hobby

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. How are you guys holding up? We’ve had another three weeks added to the lockdown and honestly I think even though it’s getting boring, if it helps to reduce the rates of deaths and affected people then it’s all good.

I have personally been trying to make the most out of this time, doing things I enjoy, challenging myself and really just taking it a day at a time. One of my favourite hobbies is planning event, it’s actually something I’ve always enjoyed doing and will end up working in the industry. I always thought I wasn’t creative when I was younger because I related creativity to drawing or painting. However as I got older, I discovered different meanings of creativity and also realised I was creative in other aspects than drawing. I still can’t draw or paint to save my life. However I can decorate and absolutely love it. What I love about decorating is being able to bring an idea to life, find many ways to interpret a theme and be creative.

Having the passion and desire to work in this industry, I’ve started recording and preparing a portfolio just to keep all my work together. I also started practicing at home, as we are currently on lockdown, I can’t leave the house for events. So I decided to do styled-shoots for portfolio purposes but also to practice. So over the easter weekend, I decided to create a fun set up on my dining table to the theme of easter.


The idea I was going for was an outdoor garden easter hunt brunch table. The weather has been so beautiful lately and this would have been even better outside. If I had a garden, I would have taken the table outside. Anyways, I went to Poundland and they had the cutest little detail for the theme, also I looked around my house and found a few more things I could use.

From that empty table to this…


I was so pleased with the result, it turned out as what I had in mind and more.It was soooo cute!!! I will insert some close ups for the details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was so happy with the result and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Everything came together and most of all I was able to record it. You can find the full video on my youtube

This set up could work for a baby shower, a birthday party or simply if you’re like me a simple set up for easter.

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Stay safe.

xx Mimmacula

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