Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. How are you all coping with lockdown and having to be home at all times? Although most of us may be working from home, frontline workers don’t have that luxury and I genuinely pray that you remain protected against the virus.

We’ve been in lockdown for a couple of weeks now and truly at the beginning I freaked out. I enjoy being home, I have no problem with that but once  the freedom of leaving my house whenever I please was taken away… I got a little frustrated. But I got over that really quickly because SAFETY FIRST PEOPLE!!

Anyways I have been trying my best to enjoy this time and remain positive,  I’ve managed to balance being productive as well as relaxing. Which brings me to one of the most exciting things I’ve ever made, those who know me, know I love candles! so much that I decided to make some. I have always wanted to make a candles and since I can’t leave my house, I decided to do it at home and honestly I am quiet pleased with the result. Although the process was quiet simple and straight-forward, I have definitely learnt a thing or two for the next time I attempt to make scented-candles.


Soy Wax || Candle Wix || Scented Oils || Containers || Hot Water || Pan & Jars 


I have a video on my youtube channel showing how I made it, DIY: I made Scented-candles

They look and smell amazing, I am really proud and cannot wait to try out and perfect this.

I hope you are all doing well and coping, now matter how you’re dealing with this, take a moment, breathe and allow yourself to relax. This time will pass, the struggle will pass, the anxiety will pass. Do things that bring you joy, no matter how “small” they may seem. Enjoy the time with your loved ones and enjoy this time. Don’t pressure yourself to do more than you can, take it a day at a time.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend.



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