Are You Bored?

Hello beautiful people and Happy Friday! I hope you’re all doing well, I hope you’re washing your hands, staying home and most of all not too bored. Sending love, health and positive vibes to everyone affected by the virus, I wish you a speedy recovery, for anyone who’s lost a loved one to this virus, my heart goes out to you and may the Lord give you and your family strength during this tough time.

It’s fair to say that we’ve all been affected by the current season in one way or another. We are all so used to being in control of what we do, where we go that being told to stay home can be strange for some people. Although it can be an inconvenience to be home, I hope we can be able to find some positivity during this time. With that being said, I thought I’d share a bunch of things we could easily do during this time to make the “pause of life” more enjoyable.

What to do during social distancing ?

  1. Read a book : Whether you prefer to read a hardcopy or listen audible, this is the time to pick up or listen that book you put aside for sometime.  I’ve been spending a lot of time doing bible study and meditating on the word and honestly it’s been amazing learning, understanding, applying and discussing with my friends and it’s been an absolute blessing
  2. Learn a language: There are various free apps (Duolingo) available to learn a language, also Spotify has language lessons available. I feel like this is a perfect time to learn a language, watching shows, or listening to music in the language you’re learning could help accelerate you’re learning.
  3. Declutter: This is something I’ve been able to do. I’ve sorted all my laundry out and put my clothes away as they should.  Go through your wardrobe and get rid of what you don’t wear anymore, your kitchen cabinets and go through your spices and baking ingredients, get rid of expired products, empty containers and just clean up.
  4. Try out new recipes: The other night I was craving a Chinese dish, so I made pork belly with honey garlic sauce with basmati rice and it was amazing!! Try out new recipes, experiment in the kitchen. Instead of ordering in, make it. Whether you are using google, Pinterest or a recipe book! Enjoy the process.
  5. Home work-outs: home workouts can be different for those who prefer the gym. There are so  many free apps with workouts, or youtube videos. You can do these on your own or with your friends over video call.
  6. Journal: These times can cause emotional distress, I’d advise you to journal your feelings, as this will help you free your mind and your thoughts. Also journal your plans, dreams and ambitions. I’m a huge fan of journaling and have definitely mentioned this before.
  7. Research your plans: this is the perfect time to do some research on your business ideas, on new hobbies you’d like to start, on anything you’re interested  in. Be prepared for once we get out of quarantine you’ll be ready to start.
  8. Re-decorate: I have tried to change a few things around my house to give it a different feel and look. I love a good DIY project, I managed to create a pretty backdrop for my youtube channel and I absolutely love it. I spend time on Pinterest looking for fun and cool DIY projects. Being stuck in the same space for a while could become boring, so try and re-decorate your house.
  9. Reflect, Breathe and  Relax : During this time, we should also allow ourselves to relax and reflect. I’ve definitely had to face my own thoughts and emotions, reflecting on everything. Reflecting on our lives can help us find better ways to deal with life. Allow yourself to breathe and relax, enjoy this period of facing your thoughts, emotions and everything else in between.
  10. Last but not least embrace this moment: I say this in the most positive way, hear me out. Yes it is very serious, yes people are affected in many ways. However can we embrace the fact that we are able to BE HOME, and I mean really BE HOME at all times. We live in a fast-paced manner and are so used to being on the go that we often forget to take a seat and stop. Stop and talk to your kids, partner, siblings etc. Listen to music, watch a movie, go for a walk. Let us embrace this moment as once it’s gone we will rush back to our busy lives.

That’s all I have to share today, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. Sending love, positivity, joy, health to everyone. Stay safe guys.

PS: I also posted a video on my Youtube channel on the same topic, be sure to check it out

What Am I Doing During #Lockdown



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  1. I’m planning to re-decorate, research for my blog and read lots more. Readingwas already one of my goals for this year so it’s another push in the right direction.

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