Do You Know Your Love Language?

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Today’s blog is about The 5 Love Languages! You may have read the book or heard about them or maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about this. The 5 Love Languages is a book written by Gary Chapman, illustrating the 5 following Love Languages:

  1. Word of Affirmation 
  2. Quality Time 
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service 
  5. Physical Touch 

Love languages are basically a way to understand how to show and receive love. We all have different love languages and understanding them enable us to receive and show love in a way that fulfils us and our loved ones. Gary Chapman also has a test available to find out what your love language is. We all have a primary love language, however it is possible to have more than one. Right let’s get into these love languages

Words of affirmation

A way to express love by using words to build up, verbal compliments or words of appreciation. People who’s love language is word of affirmation feel most loved when they are given compliments and are encouraged regularly. Whether this is your partners, sibling or even your own love language. Use word of affirmation regularly to feel the most loved.

EXAMPLES: I love you | I am proud of you | I appreciate you | You look amazing

Quality time

People who’s primary love language is quality time, simply want to spend time getting undivided attention. No cellphone, distractions, tv, electronics. They want to engage in activities together or alone, have conversations, they want to be heard and understood, showing interest in their hobbies makes them feel loved.

EXAMPLES: Set aside a time to spend with your loved ones or with yourself| Plan a weekend away

Receiving gifts

Now receiving gifts kind of sounds like  someone wouldn’t appreciate anything else, but gifts are a visual symbol of love. People who’s primary love language is receiving gifts really really appreciate gifts and cherish them, giving them thoughtful gift makes them feel loved. These gifts could be bought or made, it’s the thought that counts.

EXAMPLES: Send them flowers | Buy them something they/you have had your eye on| Make them/yourself a gift

Acts of Service

Doing something for your loved one’s out of the kindness of your heart knowing it will make them feel loved, doing them without them asking.

EXAMPLES: Clean the house| Babysit | Do the Grocery shopping | Walk the dog| Cook dinner

Physical touch

If your primary love language is physical touch then you enjoy holding hands, hugs and kisses, you feel most loved then. Physical touch is the most direct way to communicate love, as long as it is given in a positive way without the intrusions of causing pain.

EXAMPLES: Hugging | Holding hands

Knowing your own love language as well as your loved ones makes it easy to receive and give love without confusion. We all desire to feel loved, cared for, seen and heard so what better way to do that by understanding our love languages as well as our loved ones.

If you want to find out what your love language, here’s the direct link

What is Your Love Language?

My Love languages are Receiving Gifts, Words of affirmation and Quality Time.

Happy Month of Love y’all




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