10 Things I Love About Myself

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog.

10 things I love about myself 

1. I love my eyes. I have big hazelnut-brown eyes, I remember when I was younger I would get told off for staring when truly I wasn’t really staring. Also a cool feature my eyes get lighter during the summer, It’s pretty cool!

2. I love my height. A feature I never really embraced until later in life. I always found that I was taller than most people around me, until I met a couple of German people and realised girl you ain’t that tall. But I love my height which leads me to my next feature

3. I love my thighs/legs. I definitely got them from my mama.. I absolutely love my legs.

4. I love my personality. Not to toot my own horn but I am very caring and loving. I enjoy caring for people and being there for others. I tend to prioritise others before myself (working on balancing that) but yes I thank God for the personality he gave me.

5. I love that I am creative. I’ve always enjoyed art and crafts, I used to make cards for my mom when I was younger and just get crafty with gifts. It’s weird because I used to think because I couldn’t draw I wasn’t creative, only to find that my creativity lies in others aspects. Decoration, sentimental item and designs. I couldn’t draw or paint to save my life.

6. I love that I am a great listener. Although I used to talk alot more when I was younger, I talk less now and listen more. I’ve developed a comfortable space for people to talk to me, I enjoy listening to people and pay attention to details,

7. I love my fashion sense and that I’m such a girly. I’ve always been a girly girl even when I wore Sneaker, I would wear pink dresses and skirts. I absolutely love my fashion sense and being girly. I cannot wait to have little girls, matching outfits and all that! Yes I will be that mom.

8. I love my complexion. This is something I’ve never struggled with. Growing up my family always somehow hyped my complexion and truly I am grateful for that because this is definitely something alot of people struggled with.

9. I love my kind heart. This somehow links to my personality but I love that I have such a big heart. My name has a lot to do with it ( A story for another day). 

10. Last but not least… I love that I am a child of God. 

There you have it guys, I’d encourage everyone to do this every so often. It’s a great reminder and self-esteem booster. The same energy you pour out into thinking about other people should be poured into thinking about yourself.

Challenge of the week

Thank you again for reading. To all my new followers hello and welcome to my blog, thank you for joining my journey, I really appreciate it.

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Have an amazing weekend y’all and be safe 


Mimmacula 💋 




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