#BlogmasDay6: This or that Christmas Edition

Good evening everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. With only a week left til Christmas, I hope you’ve got all your presents wrapped, houses decorated, Christmas playlist, pyjamas and Christmas jumpers ready, all packed for your Christmas away (This one is a personal reminder that I need to pack.!). I came across a fun tag on Instagram and thought I’d share my answers on today’s blogmas.  The tag consists of questions, statement or names and you have to pick one or the other.  Thought it would be fun, especially at family gatherings over the holidays.. so here’ we go!

Christmas This or that

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

My family and I usually go skiing during the holidays, so we  exchange presents shortly after midnight on the 25th  and then  have a relaxing day, skiing and a family dinner in the evening. So definitely Christmas Day.

White Christmas or Green Christmas 

White Christmas, I have definitely been blessed to have a white Christmas nearly five years in a row and it’s the most beautiful thing.

Eggnog or Hot Chocolate 

Hot chocolate, I’ve never had eggnog.

Giving or receiving

Giving, I love giving presents, the process of finding it, wrapping it etc. it’s fun.

Real tree or fake tree

We’ve always had fake trees, so definitely fake tree but a real tree would add a beautiful pine scent in the house I believe.

Micheal Buble or Mariah Carey 

I love them both but Micheal Buble all the way.

Going Christmas carolling or watching Christmas  movies 

I would prefer watching Christmas movies.

Indoor decoration or outdoor decoration

Outdoor, this is the Time of the year where you get to see people’s creativity in the neighbourhood. That is if they decide to decorate. Storefronts really go all out and street lights, it’s beautiful to see.

Eating cookies or baking cookies

Definitely baking cookies… I get to eat them afterwards.

Christmas Jumper or Pijamas

I love a cute pair of pyjamas , so I’d pick that over the jumper.


And that’s all for today, there are more of these on Instagram and Pinterest, fun little icebreakers to add as entertainment this Christmas.  Hope you’ve enjoyed my attempt to Blogmas, It’s been fun so far and looking forward to sharing more.

What would you choose at This or That Christmas Edition?


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