#BlogmasDay1: December To-do List

Hello beautiful people! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! I hope you’re doing well. 

So it’s officially Day 1 of Blogmas!!  

For as long as I can remember, Christmas has always been a big deal my entire life. From buying the perfect presents on time, wrapping presents, cooking, decorating, going to church, having family over, Christmas is a big deal. It’s tiring but once everyone is together and having a good time, it’s all worth it. 

Living away from my family means I always travel during the holidays, so I somehow have to be ready for Christmas way before the week of Christmas. I like being organised and most importantly I love writing down To-do lists. They keep me on my toes and it’s easier to do things once you have a list. But then this isn’t like a proper shopping or chores list.. These are just a few things I love to do during the holidays or have to do in preparation for Christmas.

Blogmas Day 1: December To-do List 

  1. Create a Christmas playlist:  Select all your favourite Christmas songs, create a playlist for the whole season. Unless you’re like my mom, find 75 different versions of silent night for the entire season.  
  2. Watch Christmas movies: This is one of my favourite thing to do. Even though you can predict the ending of most Christmas movies, I absolutely love the cheesiness. 
  3. Decorate the house: Although I spent Christmas away from my house, I decided to decorate my house for the holidays despite the fact that I won’t be around. Decorating for Christmas is definitely one of my favourite things to do in preparation for Christmas. 
  4. Buy Christmas presents early: This is a work in progress, I tend to  get stressed out when it comes to presents. This year I’ve done so much better with this and soon I’ll have my Christmas presents ready by July ..lol who am I kidding! But yes, go shopping way ahead of time, this gives you enough time to get everything ready for the day.
  5. Attend  or host Christmas dinners and parties: I mean why not celebrate with your co-workers, friends, church friends, society etc. I think it’s a great way to let loose and have some Christmas pudding even though I don’t like it. Hosting is one of my favourite hobbies, last year I hosted a Christmas girls pyjama evening at my house and it was a blast. If you are able to, invite some friends over, have a theme, loads of snack and drinks, set a menu and voila you’ve hosted a Christmas event.
  6. Go to a Christmas market: Christmas Markets are so much fun, the food, the decoration, Gluhwein and everything else. The one place you can find fun, unique and quirky presents.  Christmas markets are a must. 
  7. Pack early: Whether you are travelling out of the country or away from your house. Pack early! I know for a fact this will not happen but I’ll try. For those that are traveling for Christmas please pack your bags ahead of time. Don’t be like me. 
  8. Select your Christmas Outfit:  I already have an idea of what my Christmas outfit will be. I mean who doesn’t like looking well-put together. Whether it’s a casual fit or dressed up fit, make sure you look amazing! Take some bomb pictures and slay! 
  9. Bake: I absolutely love baking, there are so many fun Christmas recipes to try out over the holidays. I am planning to do more of this and will be sharing. This could also be a fun family activity.
  10. Last but not least … Enjoy the season and spread joy: No matter where you are spending Christmas, be joyful. Despite who you are spending it with, be joyful. Most times families gather together for Christmas, I just want to remind everyone..less drama more laughter, avoid all things negative. Spend quality time with your family, life is too short and every second counts and most of all be grateful. Grateful for the things you have, the life you are living, the people around you. Grateful for God’s goodness in our lives. 


And there you have it guys, my December to do list. Hope you enjoyed Blogmas Day 1 ..more to come. How do you prepare yourself for Christmas? What are your December MUST-DO? let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to chat with all of you. 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday







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