Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. MY OH MY!! It’s been a while since I last blogged. Truly  this feels new again, I hope you are all well and had an amazing summer. I had if not one of the greatest summers but the busiest, from music festivals to traveling, celebrating my birthday and witnessing my friends get married, this summer is definitely one for books. Anyways this post isn’t dedicated to my summer blues just yet. I wanted to dedicate this post to myself and to encourage at least one person out there.

So here it goes, I am sure many can relate to this whether you’re a female, male, teenager etc. Puberty and growth changes  a bunch of things, and I feel the older you get, the more you feel conscious of what seems to be your flaws. Ofcourse I went through that, having a rather petite mother and not understanding that my curves were slightly more defined and bigger than hers, that being taller than her meant we couldn’t look the same, hell that we weren’t the same person and each body type is beautiful and that flaws should be embraced rather than criticised. Like many other young females out there, I spent  time criticising my flaws, what I didn’t like, what I wanted to look like etc. What I didn’t realise is that negative talks lets you see nothing other than negative results no matter how much work you put it, if your mind isn’t set right, you’ll never be able to see the change if not the beauty. Also SELF LOVE…. love yourself fully before any else can love the whole of you, I have been fortunate to have people around me encourage me, compliment me and genuinely appreciate what I looked at as my flaws, however what was all that when my mind was doing the complete opposite.

I feel a certain growth had to happen in order for me to understand that these so called flaws did not define me and honestly were never as bad as I imagined them to be. GROWTH happened and I took a different approach to how I looked at them, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t entirely unhappy with my whole body but I went through a phase and focused on the missing thigh gap, the slight stretch marks, the lacking flat stomach etc. The moment I decided that was it, I am not going to let these things get the best of me… Things changed, and I can say that I have become the most confident Tabitha I’ve ever been and guys it’s the most beautiful feeling. What I’ve learnt with this is patience because everything is a process, and even if you fail, be sure to pick yourself up, failing doesn’t me it’s over.

So to anybody out there struggling with self love,

You are absolutely stunning, wonderfully and fearfully made.

Nothing about you is a flaw, love yourself, praise yourself, be your biggest fan.

What you think about yourself Is what you are, make sure it’s positive and great.

To Tabitha 

Girlfriend, I am proud of you! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little motivational come back, I am going to be blogging again I promise.




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