#FoodieFriday: Roasted Leg of Lamb

Hello Beautiful people and Welcome back to Mimmacula’s Kitchen.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week and looking forward to the weekend. I’m back with another #FoodieFriday and I’m really excited about this one, because it turned out so beautiful and delicious.

So first things first…I never bothered to cook a leg of lamb and clearly been wasting time because this was amazing. I have always been one to experiment with cooking and somehow convinced myself that a leg of lamb required some sort of special method etc, well maybe there is one that I am not aware of. Anyways as I was walking around Tesco (Well known Supermarket in the UK) I came across a deal which seemed reasonable. Half a leg of lamb for about £5 I mean the original price was £11 and who doesn’t like a good bargain, I didn’t hesitate to add it to my basket.

However once I did that I started thinking: “Hmmmm how am I gonna cook this ..What if I mess it up..what if ..what if..” Although I was questioning my decision, I was excited of the thought of trying something new. A few days later, I decided that it would be my Sunday roast, so on Friday afternoon, I seasoned the leg. *Quick Tip: Seasoning meat a day early really adds flavour. This could be just me but try it and let me know*. I didn’t want use loads of spice or strong spices for this only because I felt it would take away the actual flavour of the lamb itself. I feel like lamb is one of those delicate meat that doesn’t need too many spices.

Black Pepper | Sea Salt | Italian Seasoning( Mixed herbs) | Aroma All-Purpose Seasoning | Garlic Cloves | Thyme | Onion and Garlic Granules | Virgin Olive Oil

I started with pouring somf Virgin Olive Oil on the leg , then sprinkled Sea Salt, Aroma All-Purpose Seasoning, Italian Seasoning, and black pepper. I didn’t use Onion or Garlic Granules and Thyme, because I felt what I had was more than enough. I then poked the leg of lamb and forced some garlic cloves in various spots.. When I was done, It went from

Raw and Seasoned to
Roasted, Golden and Delicious

The Leg of lamb roasted for about 50-60min at 180 Degrees (Fan). I started off at 30min, then increased time until I felt it was ready. The result was absolutely amazing, I roasted some potatoes and sweet potatoes then made a quick gravy to garnish… and just like that dinner was served, it was so delicious..soft and full of flavours.. I honestly don’t know why I never tried this before.

Dinner is Served

I absolutely loved this recipe, like I said before it was so simple and of course you can add other sides to it and because the leg is massive, you have plenty of leftover, saves you from cooking for a day or two.

I hope you enjoyed this quick share and I am looking forward to more kitchen experiments.



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