You Are NOT Your Failures

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog.

I want to talk about something we may have all dealt with or could be currently dealing with, this specific thing that happens which then results in disappointment and giving up. I want to talk about FAILURE.

“Failure  is defined as

* the fact of someone or something not succeeding.

* the fact of not doing something that you must do or are expected to do”

This morning, I dealt with exactly that. Earlier this year, I set a specific  goal for myself and failed it. I was furious, disappointed and for a moment, I wanted to give up, well I had already given up way before that moment. Once I was done being angry, disappointed, etc the anger motivated me to make changes, changes I am not WILLING to fail, because I do not want to feel that way again, especially towards myself. I had to remind myself that being angry with myself because I failed wasn’t changing the fact that I failed.

Often times when we fail we get upset, angry, discouraged, disappointed and because of the mixed emotions we tend loose motivation of getting up and trying again. Just because you failed doesn’t mean it’s over, I really want to emphasise on that because many of us have been in situations where we’ve failed then moped about it for days, months and years and never tried again.



We need to take a different approach towards dealing with failure. I believe that failure is part of growth, I say that because failure should lead to improvement which then results in growth. We need to start looking at failure as a learning curve rather than the finish line. Taking a new approach by trying it differently, talking to someone, researching, and finding other ways to do something is most likely going to increase  our motivation leading to some results. Let not be the kind of people that easily give up, the regret of giving up is worse than the failure itself.

To whoever dealing with failure, whether it’s at school, work, relationships, family, or in life in general, don’t give up. You are capable and you will make it, you are not your failures. The emotions you’re feeling is normal but that should drive you and motivate you ten times more rather than bring you down, and yes it’s easier said than done but it’s not impossible.

So with that being said

Yes..You’ve Failed..

What’s next?

Change is next.

  • Change Your Approach
  • Change Your Attitude

Life is rather demanding in various aspects and sometimes requires efforts beyond what we’ve given. But we have to remember that anything worth it takes time, and sometimes requires a different approach and a little more effort. So pick yourself up and try again.



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