It’s Not A Race…

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. I hope that you’re all well and also happy weekend. Is it still alright to say Hello April.. Happy New Month and all that jazz? Either way Happy New Month Everybody and New Season… Yaaas Spring has Sprung!!!

After a long and cold winter.. finally some warmth🌞, loool who am I kidding in the UK it’s still winter but eeey we’re gonna pretend it’s warm and add some colour to our wardrobes, makeup looks and home decors. Although it’s not fully spring here, we’re excited about the new season. Which brings me to today’s topic.

I want to talk about “Being Patient”

I am all for striving to being successful and achieving our dreams and hopes. However I feel like sometimes we tend to overlook what we have, or where we are because we are rushing towards what we want and where we want to be. We have to understand that there is a time for everything, and patience is a virtue. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying sit back,make no effort whatsoever and expect your success to fall on your lap. I’m saying that sometimes you need to stay planted where you are, go through a process to then be able to get where you’re meant to be.

I cannot talk about this without touching on social media. Social media has created this pressure of “making it”, this perception of what you should be or have. Let me tell you something, what you see is not all real, you can’t kill yourself for the gram. Everybody’s timeline is different, strive to be successful for yourself at your appointed time, don’t rush it, it’s not a race…

I remember when I was younger and by that I mean before I was not of legal age, I asked my mom to go clubbing once and she said no and she was like honestly these clubs will be there forever, you’re not missing out on anything at the time I felt like I was missing so much because my friends were telling me how much fun it was etc.. Fast forward many years later when I was able to go, after a few times I realised every night was practically the same thing. There wasn’t anything extremely exciting about it. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time but that was it. I remembered what my mom told me, and thought I don’t think it would have been any different whether I went then or now because really I was experiencing what my friends were telling me back then.

My point is, if you feel like you’re missing out because you’re not at the same stage as your friends, you didn’t get hired straight out of uni, you don’t have that BMW at 21, you are still living with your parents at 23, you aren’t in that long term relationship at 24, you haven’t had your kids yet, you’re not married like all your friends, you are not balling on the gram like your old friend from primary school etc these are just a few examples I could think of from the top of my head. Stop! Breathe and give yourself a break… your time is coming!

For everything there is an appointed time. Bloom where you are planted and eventually you will make it, I believe we’re all able to be successful and will all be successful however we need to learn to be patient, God has a plan and he will never forsake us. So with that being said, don’t lose hope and faith. Bloom in your current season for there is a reason and a purpose where you are planted. Trust the process, because it’s only until you go through the process (patiently waiting) that you will appreciate the final product. Sometimes you need to stay planted in order to be able to harvest in due time.

I hope I’ve made sense with this. I’ve wanted to address this because I had moments when I stressed myself out because I felt I wasn’t making it. I felt behind, I had to sit down and calm myself down and actually be grateful to be where I am, who I am and for all the many many things I am blessed with. It’s so easy to get carried away with what we think is “making it” whether it’s financially, career wise, physically that we end up hurting ourselves. Be realistic with the kind of pressure you put on yourself.

With that being said, I hope I’ve made sense🙃. Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

Love wholeheartedly…Laugh ´til your abs hurt..Stay Beautiful and Blessed


6 thoughts on “It’s Not A Race…

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  1. Very well said. There is always a time for everything. I always tell kids in grade school that they should not worry about anything else but their homework. The older one gets, the more responsibilities there are.

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  2. Thank you so much for this. I really needed to hear this because putting (too much) pressure on myself has been my biggest downfall and as much as I hate to admit it, social media definitely played a part in it. I’ve adopted a “post and go” relationship with social media so I’m less focused on what everyone else is doing and just focused on staying in tuned with myself and what I have going on. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week pretty girl! Take care 🙂

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    1. You’re so welcome and I’m so happy to hear the post spoke to you.. It’s so easy to get carried away but we always have to remember that we have a unique path written for us 💜 have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for reading 💜

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  3. This message came at the right time for me. I needed to hear this. Lately i’ve been feeling so much pressure to produce and ‘make it’. Thank you for this, it’s reassuring ❤

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