Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. I hope that you’ve all had a great week so far.

Today I’ll be sharing a little experience I’ve been doing for a few months now. I started  this last year around October /November time(took a break in January), I decided to try out a Pescatarian diet, for those who aren’t familiar with it:”Pescatarianism also known as pesco-vegetarianism, is a lifestyle excluding meat of all land-based animals and poultry. Pescatarian eat fish and other seafood and are sometimes described as vegetarians that eat fish. Some dairy products and eggs are part of this diet

That’s a simple definition because there are different kinds of pescatarians and I really won’t be getting into that. Before I get into sharing my experience, I’d like to share my reasons for trying out this diet, which was out of curiosity. It had nothing to do with how animals are treated etc etc| Public Announcement: I have nothing against people who feel that way|I  love a good piece of chicken or a medium rare Rib-eye Steak with fries…. Hmmm okay I’m hungry.

Anyways back to the purpose, I decided to try it purely out of curiosity like I said and my love for seafood and fish, also I wanted to challenge myself to cook meat and chicken for my friends and not have any. I make amazing chicken if I do say so myself! #SelfGassing😆. Turns out it wasn’t as difficult as though it would be, but it’s easier to crave the things you cannot have, I remember when I started my pescatarian journey, one random night at 3am I was craving hot wings😂😂😂😂I had to force myself to go back to sleep because really I had no other choice.

3am Cravings be like….😍

Cooking at home has been a whole lot easier than going out because unless it’s a seafood based restaurant, the options for pescatarians aren’t many, however you can always have a vegetarian meal instead. I really enjoy cooking so it’s been fun and exciting, I have been experiencing with new ingredients, making sure there is a fair vegetables, seafood and carbs balance in my meals. As I mentioned before pescatarians are sometimes known as vegetarians that eat fish, with that in mind its important to make sure you have more vegetables than fish in your diet, at least every other day avoid having fish. I absolutely love Pinterest, Pinterest is the best place to find recipes, inspirations etc, even though I tend to add my own twist to them but that’s what I love about cooking, you can always get creative and change it up to your liking.

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I’ve noticed some rather positive changes physically. One thing I love the most about this diet is the meals are quiet light which means I don’t feel extremely full and hardly ever feel bloated after a meal. I’ve dropped a dress size in the past couple of weeks and truly I’ve just been eating sufficiently…it’s safe to say I love this. I don’t think I will be pescatarian for the rest of my life but it’s definitely something I’ll be doing for some time.

For anyone wanting to change their diet or simply try something new, I’d recommend this,I hope you’ve enjoyed this little read, I will be sharing a few recipes soon .




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