Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog.

I hope that you’ve had a brilliant week so far. It’s been beautiful the past couple of days in England and I’d like to think that Spring has welcomed itself back here.. I hope so, I don’t wanna jinx it.

It’s fair to say I am one of the many people who gets excited the moment they peek a little sunshine even though I easily get sore throats 😓. I mean I never really pack away my Spring/Summer wardrobe like some people.. So really I just put them on the moment the sun makes a well deserved appearance.

I wanted to do something a little different. I’m gonna start sharing my favourite outfits every now and then. I am no stylist but I can put a banging outfit together. If I were to describe my style I’d say “Girly Chic and Sophisticated”. I am such a girly girl, I absolutely love dresses although lately I’ve been wearing jeans and trousers more often because of the weather conditions. But if I could wear dresses everyday I probably would. However I do love a pretty lace bodysuit and high waisted jeans and heels. I also love Off-shoulder items as they bring out collarbone elegance. So yes Girly Chic and Sophisticated.

📸 Kwams’Lenses

I love this outfit and definitely will be rocking it this Spring /Summer, I also feel like I’ll be wearing yellow a lot more this summer/spring. I mean have you seen the glow of yellow on that Melanin?!?!? Absolutely breathtaking 😍.

 Outfit Details

Dress – Boohoo

Jacket – Missguided

Shoes – Primark

Lipgloss – Kiko Milano, 3D hydra Lipgloss 07Pink Magnolia 

For those who aren’t familiar with online shopping: Boohoo and Missguided are online fashion retailers, offering a variety of affordable clothes of the latest trending styles with quick delivery services, discount codes etc. I never used to be into online shopping until I moved to the UK and I absolutely love it, as much as I love walking in a shop and picking out a few items, online retail shops offers more and cheaper options and who doesn’t like a good discount?

I hope that you’ve enjoyed getting a little peek of my fashion sense, I have so much more in store and I’m excited to show you guys.



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