23 things I’d like to share…

  1. Perfection does not exist: We are so consumed into being Perfect at everything. Whether it is our friendships, relationships, jobs or just life in general. There is no such thing as perfect, just be the best version of yourself.
  2. Choose your “circle” carefully: Make sure that the people you surround yourself with, help you become a better version of yourself. Encourage you  to reach your goals and dreams as well as bring you positive vibes.
  3. University is a Choice!!:  This goes out to the younger crowd, going to university seems to be the appropriate next step to take once you’ve graduated from high school. However it is important to make sure you know why you are going to university, also make sure you are interested in the course you’ve chosen. University requires a lot of self discipline and hard work, make sure you are set for that.
  4. Listen more talk less: This is probably one of the most valuable lessons. Take the time to listen to what you are being told before speaking.. also take time to think before you speak.
  5. Being kind doesn’t cost anything: Being kind can honestly brighten someone’s day as well as your own… it takes a second to say a few kinds words to the person next to you.
  6. READ! READ! READ!: Reading used to be one of my favourite thing to do when I was younger, there’s something about spending time with a book. Hide your phone and grab a book.
  7. Do not hold grudges: Holding grudges is energy-consuming, spare yourself from the negative vibes..either talk about it and work it out or let it go and move on.
  8. Use  and develop your ideas, nothing is ever stupid: You never know what could come out of what you thought was  a stupid idea unless it’s illegal then forget it. It is better to try and fail than to never try and regret.
  9. Be accountable of your success as well as your failures: We tend to be upset at failure, but failure usually helps you soar higher. Use your failure as a motivation to doing better.
  10. Do not rush into a relationship: When the time is right, it will work out. Be content with yourself so much that you don’t rely on someone else to be happy.
  11. Learn a different language: One can never speak too many languages, learn a new language even if it means travelling to a country where they speak a language you’re not familiar with.
  12. It’s okay to cry.. you are not weak: For the longest time I believed crying was a weakness, little did I know it released my frustration and that it is okay to cry. Allow yourself to express your emotion in order to feel better.
  13. Life isn’t a competition: Do not make the mistake of comparing your life to your friend’s life.. life is not a competition, we may not all succeed at the same time, but we will all eventually succeed. Don’t be hard on yourself.
  14. TRAVEL! TRAVEL! TRAVEL!!!: The world is too beautiful to not discover… plan yearly trips ahead of time and make memories in other part of the world.
  15. Enjoy the moment … put your phone down: We are so used to documenting our lives that we forget to simply put our phones away and physically enjoy the company and environment around us.. put your phone down and engage with your surrounding.
  16. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!: Do not wait for when you’ll get a 9-5 job.. save your coin honey !! save your money .. you’ll thank yourself someday.
  17. It’s okay to spoil yourself ..reasonably: This goes with the previous point on saving.. the more you save the more you’re able to treat yourself..
  18. Forgive yourself: Cut yourself some slack.. it happened..lesson learnt..forgive yourself.. forgiveness leads to healing.
  19. Appreciate your current life:  We tend to be so worried about the future that we forget to enjoy our current lives. You’ll never get the chance to be your current self… enjoy it!!
  20. REST! REST! REST! & ME TIME: Look after yourself.. take some time off.. do the things you enjoy .. reconnect with yourself and get to know who you are.
  21. It’s okay to say NO!: You don’t always have to say yes.. it’s okay to say no if you want to.
  22. Be organised: Order allows you to stay on track.. make sure your bills are paid on time.. your assignments and work projects are completed on time.  discipline yourself to avoid losing control.
  23. Believe in yourself: You are strong, intelligent, beautiful, handsome, capable and so much more. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Mimmacula 💋❤

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