Hello my lovely people,

I am back again with a collective blog post!! I’ve decided to make this a thing on my blog , every now and then I’ll ask my friends and family their take on certain topics and I’ll share it with you guys.. Saves me from having to write the post myself LOL! I’m kidding y’all.. but on a serious note I really enjoy having different responses from people and this segments provides that. Thank you all for participating and I am sure people will enjoy reading your pieces just as much as I did..

Soooo with that being said

Seat back, Grab a drink and some snacks , a cup of tea and a blanket.

And Enjoy!!

Oxford dictionary defines “Happiness” as:

1. The state of feeling or showing pleasure

2. The state of being satisfied that something is good or right

– How Would You Define Happiness?

– I Am Happy Because….

– My happiest Memory has been….

“Happiness to me is a mental state of well-being which is defined by genuine and pleasant emotions such as contentment, joy, laughter etc. I recently visited home for the weekend to see my family and I was excited about this as it had been a while since I last saw them. During my stay at home, I had such a good time with my family sharing, reminiscing & laughing about old times. My mom, dad & sister were genuinely happy to see me & this was evident by their smiles & laughter. At that moment I was genuinely happy and didn’t think or care about any negative thing that was going on in my life. I truly cherished and appreciated that moment with them and every time I think about it, it puts a smile on my face.

Generally I’m a cheerful & happy person and as a child of God, I believe my true happiness comes from my Love for God. However, my happiness is at it fullest when I’m able to share it with others.” K.

“For me happiness is when you learn to love yourself and you find ways to make yourself happy. That’s the key to happiness, because no one will ever take that away from you.
I’m happy because I found my soul mate and we are now one . My best day this year was the 6th of July when I was celebrating my marriage. I wish everyone happiness.” M.

“Happiness is that inner peace, the comfort zone find within oneself.

I’m happy because I got no worries.” D.

“Well, Happiness is such a general concept. I think it’s related to a feeling of well-being, felicity, contentment. It’s positive impact on one’s self. It’s very difficult for me to properly define happiness. I think it’s in the everything and the nothings. Happiness is when you hug someone you love. When spend time with your family. Happiness is when you accomplish something important. Happiness can be hanging out with friends, reading your favorite book on a rainy day, eating your favorite food, etc. It’s equivalent to a flourishing , good and positive life.

It’s not very easy to always be happy and content about everything in life, especially during hard times. Happiness then seems to be a far away, impossible and unreachable dream. But I’m happy because I’m able to do all the things that makes me happy. I’m able to laugh with my friends and family, dance, cry, eat, read books on rainy days, etc. I’m happy because I’ve accomplished one of my biggest goals in life : graduate. I’m happy I’m alive. Simply.”A. 

“Happiness is being content with yourself. Being able to live day by day without wanting to change too much in your life. Realising that there are people way less off than you.

I’m happy that so many of my loved ones are still living. I’m happy that even from losing a very loved person in my life, I have nothing but happy memories. I’m happy I have managed to graduate and then also get a trip of a lifetime. I’m happy that I’m alive and well.” N.

“Happiness is a state that you’re in when you are content in life.

I’m happy because I know my identity in Christ and I am alive and healthy and have a great people surrounding me (family and friends)” A.

“Happiness is being one with yourself.. the way I define that is by the way I believe that people are responsible for their own happiness.. doesn’t matter what you have been through.. or how badly you’ve been hurt. When the fat lady sings and you are left at the point of depression, it’s down to you to fight your way out of that place. People can only be there and guide you to recovery but it’s down to you to choose to let your pain hold you down or to choose to work yourself to the point where you are happy within yourself and happy once again. They say once you beat the enemy’s within, no enemy outside of you can harm you and that’s a true fact.

I am mainly happy when I’m with my Son, Brother, Mother and Father.. This year going back home for a week was my happiest moment because they are my joy, soul and reason why no one out there could harm me because they are my fire and balance.” K.

“Happiness is being content with yourself, it’s being satisfied with your life.
And to add to that I’m happy because for the first time in my life I feel like I am in the right path before I felt lost but now I’m happy , very content with what I have and my plans for the future.” Mrs W.

“For me happiness is a state of being content, having unexplainable joy, feeling safe and being satisfied because life is just as it should be. Basically just mentally being at peace. I’m happy because I believe I am at a point in life where I fully know and understand that there may be so many boundaries when it comes to me achieving certain goals but because I am focused, determined and I know my abilities, I am able to achieve those goals. I am slowly building on my weakness and holding on to my strengths and I believe I know where I am going in life.

My happy moment so far this year has to be me getting a new job. It might be seen as something small to others but it’s an actual big deal for me because I believe that many other unexpected doors are going to open and I am super excited to see what else God has in store for me for the rest of the year.” B.

“I really don’t know how to put it in words, it wouldn’t make sense.

I’m happy because God’s got my back, I am alive, I’m happy for my mom, for the ability to breathe and experiencing new things.

My happiest moments: First would be Believe getting married and the fact that I am growing and glowing.” P.

“Happiness is peace of mind. The more peace you have, the happier you’ll be.

I’m happy because not a lot of things are going bad in my life” K.

“For me happiness is love. Love for what you do. Love for the people you have in your life. Love for money.

Happiness is when you can find light in the darkest situations and counting it all joy. I’m happy because I have loved, I’ve been loved. I’m happy because I found my calling in life. I’m mainly happy because I have none to complain about, I’m blessed” A.

“Happiness to me is realising that you are healthy and are surrounded by people who want to see you do well in life.

My happiest moment this year was realising that at my worst, my faith in the Lord grew stronger and everything I couldn’t achieve became a reality. I realised how happy I am when I put God first no matter how tough the situation is.” L.

“Happiness is almost always having positive emotions e.g. joy more frequently than negative emotions e.g. sadness

I’m happy because I’m grateful I’ve come this far and that I can only go further.” F.

“Happiness is an emotional state in psychology but happiness to me is when I start living and appreciating what I have. We can get happiness from so many places,songs, friends and clothes 😂..yh I’m happy when I wear that cute top that reminds me of my mum. You can easily identify happiness when you do idiotic stuff with your friends without thinking twice.

I am happy

  1. Because I’m alive, over time I’ve been ignoring the fact of how lucky I am to wake up each day and carry on with life without any struggle, this year I witnessed so many death stories that made me rethink my life choices and be eternally grateful for my life.
  2. I’m happy because I got to experience different types of love, I got to witness the harsh kind of love which taught me some life changing lessons as messed up as they made me, I got to witness the good to the bone kind of love which taught me to appreciate and love everyone who reciprocates the love I shower them with.

I am happy because I really got to achieve part of my goals though not all at least I noticed change and little change is still change. 💙” R. 

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