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I am back again with a collective blog post!! I’ve decided to make this a thing on my blog , every now and then I’ll ask my friends and family their take on certain topics and I’ll share it with you guys.. Saves me from having to write the post myself LOL! I’m kidding y’all.. but on a serious note I really enjoy having different responses from people and this segments provides that. Thank you all for participating and I am sure people will enjoy reading your pieces just as much as I did..

Soooo with that being said

Seat back, Grab a drink and some snacks , a cup of tea and a blanket.

And Enjoy!!

Oxford dictionary defines “Happiness” as:

1. The state of feeling or showing pleasure

2. The state of being satisfied that something is good or right

– How Would You Define Happiness?

– I Am Happy Because….

– My Happiest Moment was…

“Gosh! I’ve been thinking about this for ages..Ok here it goes.

Happiness to me is being content with everything that’s going on in your life and choosing to fight the negative thoughts that may take away that happiness.

I’m happy because I choose to be happy. I choose to look at my life and be grateful for what I have: Love, Family, Friendships, Health and Peace rather than focus on negativity and the things I don’t have. Too many times, we focus on the things we don’t have and totally miss the blessings right in front of us.” T.

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s being in a good mental space to be able to look on the bright side and enjoy every moment in life, even the smallest ones.

I’m happy because I’m alive and living my best life.” V.

“This is one of those questions that get you to think.

Happiness is often defined as a state of mind, a state of being happy. What makes me happy is knowing that I am doing the right thing and when I’m doing the right thing, knowing in my heart that it is what I am supposed to be doing. I may not be happy with everything , however me knowing that I am at the right place, at the right time, and knowing that I am fulfilling my purpose, this makes me happy. The more I walk according to my God-given purpose then I’ll be happy. My happiness relies on me living and walking according to my purpose and doing things according to the way God wants me to do them at that time. A life of happiness is an honest life, I personally believe that happiness goes hand in hand with your purpose. When you walk in your purpose you’ll truly live your happy life.” E. 

“Happiness is waking up every morning and feeling fulfilled with the way things are going in your life.

I’m happy because I have friends, a family, good health and just the breath of life.” R.

“I’m happy because I have my family and God’s grace. I may not get everything I need in life but I understand that it’s for a reason and that makes me happy.” T.

“I would define happiness as a choice, because YOU get to choose what makes you happy and what doesn’t. I would also say that happiness is something you have to chase after. It won’t come to you nor will anyone point it towards your direction.

I’m happy because I am on track with where I want to be according to the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year. I am also happy because I know and understand that my happiness is not derived from people or material, therefore, I do not feel the need to prove myself. And finally and most importantly I’m happy because I know despite all the challenges I face, I am not doing it alone.” C.

“Happiness to me is an outward expression of my excitement, sense of joy, gratitude and blessings being magnified.


I’m happy because I’m alive, growing and I’m not where I used to be. I’m happy because I have a purpose that I am called to fulfill on earth and everyday that I wake up, I am reminded that my time isn’t over yet to fullfil it.” G. 

“Self-defined: You choose to focus on whatever that makes you happy personally.

I’m happy because I have everything around me and I’m excited about the future.” J.

“Happiness is a state in which your mind is at ease and you are truly able to appreciate the most insignificant smallest details about life, the people around you and this world…like a child.

I’m happy because I can see my family smile, I know good still exist in this world, I’m happy because I am alive and hopeful.” B.

“Happiness is when I’m satisfied with myself. Something which will give me enjoyment and well-being really.

Something like high spirits.” N.

“I find that we often find happiness in temporary things but for me… happiness is more than the temporary things, it’s about the real image of God( the inner man) being content and at peace with the Will of God. So that when the temporary things are gone they don’t go with your happiness because it’s not built upon them but on something that will be there forever.

I’m happy because I’m still alive, I get a chance to see another day and fulfill my goals. I’m also happy for the challenges I’ve faced this year, they honestly made me stronger and wise.” J.

“In my opinion, happiness is genuinely feeling good about something. Whether it’s a memory, a joke, an accomplishment or a close relative calling you out of the blue, it’s the feeling of being emotionally positive about it.

I’m happy because I’ve moved to a new city and met good people in a short amount of time, who I can see myself spending time with.” R.

“Happiness is getting to a point where you’re content with who you are but still want to build yourself up.

I’m happy because, I know I’m becoming the woman I’ve always set myself out to be. I’m becoming someone with value, not money wise but spiritually I’m getting there with God…man!

I gave a boy a bible and he started crying, and right there I knew that I gave him life.” S.

“To me happiness is the ability to stay optimistic through all corners of life: good, bad and ugly. This form of happiness is perfect because I am able to be myself in any situation, this happiness is calm and knowing because I am assured that the best is yet to come therefore I will make the most out of any situation that arises because I am able to filter away the rest and I have grown to see the past, the present.

I’m happy because I have learnt to focus on myself, to ignore what is unwanted in my life and do what makes me happy.” E.

“Happiness is a four letter word called “LOVE”, when you are loved you are happy.

I am happy because I’m about to celebrate my first anniversary in my amazing marriage. He has blessed me with so much, my patients make me happy, I’m just a happy walking soul.” Mrs M.

“Happiness for me is really knowing who I am and whose I am. As God’s girl,knowing my identity in Christ is real happiness ,it is a choice rather than a result of circumstances and surrounding, happiness doesn’t mean I’ll have everything figured out,I’ll face challenges but ultimately I have victory in Christ,and that promise child is happiness. Timothy 6:6-7 helps me to be joyful, I’m also reminded that the key to happiness is CONTENTMENT and contentment should be coupled with godliness. Godly contentment is not about being content when my edges are proper slayed 😂, but putting my trust in him completely for everything. Yoo! Happiness for me is also not comparing myself to others,over the years I learnt that the comparison game is a thief of joy. Knowing that God does not determine my value through the life of others brings smiles.

Godly contentment is not about being content when my edges are proper slayed 😂, but putting my trust in him completely for everything. Yoo! Happiness for me is also not comparing myself to others,over the years I learnt that the comparison game is a thief of joy. Knowing that God does not determine my value through the life of others brings smiles.
I’m happy because I have my salvation, I am unique, beautiful and I have another day to live, love and be generous.” S.

“Happiness is a moment of feeling free, feeling on top of the world like nothing can hold you back. Happiness is circumstantial. However I find joy, is mental liberation. A state of mind that enables you to feel free, no matter what you’re up against.
I’m happy because Jesus died for me.” R.





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  1. Ahh this is amazing. It’s so interesting seeing different peoples perspectives on happiness. I love this one in particular by S “Happiness is getting to a point where you’re content with who you are but still want to build yourself up.” This resonates with me a lot. I used to feel like happiness was a permanent of state of Being. However when I shifted my focus onto finding contentment in the little things, I started to feel more “happiness” in my life. Thank you for sharing 💜

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