Me Time

“Me Time”

My challenges for the past three days basically summed up to “Me time” and that involved relaxing, meditating, taking time off my phone, cleaning my apartment, re-organising my cupboards, going food shopping , Netflix , listening to music and dancing around my house. Although I had other important things through out the day, I managed to do certain things that made me happy. Sometimes we get caught up in our busy schedules and forget to take time off. It’s so important to switch our schedules sometimes, even if it’s for 10 minutes… 10 minutes of pure happiness makes such a difference. I find that I don’t need to have an entire day of “Me Time”, unless I’ve planned it beforehand. Simple things like listening to my favourite playlist or taking a bubble bath could easily switch up my mood. Here’s my advice to everyone, Find the little things that could easily brighten up your day and whenever you can take some time off and treat yourself to some “Me Time”.


Bible Verse of the Day


“How often Do You Have *Me-Time*”?


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