Learn Something New

#3 Learn Something New

So I had some trouble with this task because I was caught off guard. Like how do you just get up and learn something new. Initially I wanted to learn something from scratch, something I’ve never done before totally disregarding a simple life lesson, BIG MISTAKE!

As I’m getting ready to go to bed, I realised that I could simply share something I’ve learnt recently. I’ve learnt to let go and accept certain situations for what they are and that truly you will never have an answer or a solution to everything. We tend to want to fix everything that goes wrong and honestly we are not capable and that’s okay, somethings are meant to be as they are and we simply have to walk away and let it be. Although letting go is probably the hardest thing to do…give yourself time and take one step at a time.

Have You Learnt Something Today?

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