Start a Journal


When I was little, I always had a diary and whenever I go back home, I read through the ones I can find and honestly it’s the most entertaining thing to look back on. The things that used to upset me at the time or simply happen to me back then according to my writing seemed so extreme that they really were, when I think about it now but back then my frustration was real!!!! I guess I felt better after ranting to my diary.

#2 Start a Journal

As an adult every so often I get my diary and write down my emotions but I’ve never been as consistent as I was as a kid. Today’s task is to “Start a Journal” and I am intending to make better use of it, if not them (I have a thing for cute notebooks, maybe I have one too many but really there’s no such thing as too many cute books). Journals/Diaries are meant to be somewhat therapeutical…according to a lot of people and I guess that my 5 year old self believed that too. So”Dear Journal/Diary” let’s see how many emotions I’ll pour onto you.

Bible Verse Of The Day

How many of you have a Journal/Diary?


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