Share Something You Are Proud Of Today

Happy Love Month everybody!!!!

So January sort of dragged to be honest but it’s all over now.  Let’s get all lovey-dovey whether it’s in relationships, friendships, situationships etc because it’s officially the “MONTH OF LOVE”!!! I decided to do something different this February that I’d like to call “FabulousFeb”. So FabulousFeb is all about Self-improvement, There are simple challenges to complete on a daily basis and I will be posting each challenge as I complete them. I also feel like it will give me something to commit to on a daily basis, along with that I am doing a Bible verse challenge, because February is all about love, and which better book describes love better than the bible itself?

Bible Verse of The Day

IMG_20180201_105513_635#1 Share Something I am proud of today?

I am proud of the many tasks I managed to tick off my to-do list today. I am proud of my level of productivity although I felt under a lot of stress due to my dissertation. I am proud at the fact that I didn’t lose my temper at my internet provider because my wi-fi tripped again. Last but not least I am proud of myself.


How often do you tell yourself how proud you are of yourself?

 What are you proud of today? 


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