Happy 1st Blogiversary

When the word “Blogiversary” popped in my head ,I wasn’t sure whether it was an actual thing..for a second I thought I was cool enough to come up with a new word , then I googled it and found out that was a thing and my little cool bubble burst but anyways.. Today marks the day I started blogging and honestly I couldn’t be more proud of myself.


When I started.. My initial goal was to post at least 3 times a month, maximum 5, but boooy was I shocked when shortly after I started blogging, I got to a point where I had what google referred to as “Bloggers Brain Freeze”, basically I couldn’t come up with decent content to blog about. I got frustrated, felt like giving up and thought to myself that it wasn’t worth it. I kept a lot of my posts as draft because I felt they weren’t good enough, or the content wasn’t different compared to other blogs.

Eventually I snapped out of it because I realised that I was putting those thoughts in my mind and that in turn lead me to sort of give up on blogging. I’m sure many of us have had to deal with this situation whether it’s at work, school, university or simply our personal lives.

So my advice to myself and anyone out there struggling with whatever you’re doing is don’t be the bearer of negativity to yourself. Don’t feed your mind negative thoughts because they will eventually become your reality and honestly nobody can snap you out of it apart from yourself.

So with that being said I made sure I ended the year on a positive note. I posted 10 blog posts and set up a little pattern for this year and the next coming years.

Let me explain , my little pattern goes along these lines:

Year 1.. 10 posts, which I’ve achieved.

Year 2.. 20 posts..

Year 3.. 30 posts.. etc… you get the idea.

The only way I will manage to do this is by staying true to myself, keeping a positive attitude and believing that the blog posts I am willing to share might brighten someone’s day out there or simply make me feel better and honestly that’s more than enough.

So dear Mimmacula… Keep doing what you’re doing.. Don’t let stress get the best of you.

Cheers to more blogs and Blogiversaries!

Ps: Thank you to all my readers. I really appreciate you guys đź’‹



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