Thank You

Farewell 2017…
Thank you for the good times.
Thank you for the challenges.
Thank you for the trials and tribulations.
Thank you for the losses and gains.
Thank you for the lessons.
Thank you for the love.
Thank you for the pain.
Thank you for the ultimate growth.
Thank you for the ones that stuck by me.
Thank you for the laughs and tears.
Thank you for the memories.

To My Friends…
I am so grateful to have such an amazing circle of people on can rely on. I truly appreciate you guys. Thank you for the amazing memories we’ve shared this year. Thank you for the tears, the many wine bottles we shared, the crazy nights out, the sleepovers, the banter, the long late night calls,the great advice, the late gym sessions, spiritual support and most of all thank you for simply being a ray of sunshine to my life. You truly are a blessing and I thank God for our friendships.

To My Parents…
Words couldn’t express my gratitude for everything you do for me. Thank you for the love you’ve shown me. Thank you for being the greatest parents. Thank you for the great advice you’ve given me, the spiritual support, financial support, thank you for always wanting the best fore even though sometimes I don’t see eye to eye. Thank you for being my greatest motivators and believing I can do anything I set my mind to. God picked you specially for me and I so grateful. I love you.

To My Family Members…
Thank you for being the greatest supporters even from a distance. The majority of you guys are far but have never failed to show me support and love. And truly I am grateful and I love you all.

To My Church BibleLifeFellowship
Thank you for being the spiritual house I’ve longed for the past few years. Thank you for being so welcoming and thank you for truly becoming one of my many homes where I find peace. Which leads me to thanking my spiritual parents, thank you for the constant support, for praying for me and with me, for encouraging my talent and gifts, for helping me grown closer to God. Thank you for making me understand that it shall be well eventually. Thank you for being the coolest pastoral couple, you truly are a blessing and I thank God for allowing us to cross paths. God bless you for everything you do.

Last But Not Least…
Thank you God. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for making me one of your strongest soldier. Thank you for the tears you’ve wiped off my face, the love you’ve shown me, thank you for being the most wonderful and faithful God. For the peace you’ve given me and despite my stubbornness thank you for your loving patience and forgiveness. I wouldn’t have made it without you.

As I begin a new year, my head is help up high. I am capable, I am strong, I am beautiful, I am amazing, I am loving, I am blessed, I am intelligent, I am able, I am gifted, I am more than what the world sees me, I am the daughter of the most High and I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Happy new year everyone!

Mimmacula đź’‹

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