Reflections #2

With a few days of 2017 remaining, some of us if not many are having “End of the Year Reflections”. I asked my friends and family to take part  and I am so overwhelmed at the responses I got, although it sounds easy, it’s actually a lot harder to think about this, let alone write it down. Before getting into it, I’d like to thank my friends and family for taking part in this, the reflections were so beautiful and some truly got me emotional.

So Here We go…Our Reflections on 2017!

I’ve learnt to say thank you whole heartedly, we don’t say these words enough, yet they are so powerful. Too powerful that thankfulness unlocks bounty. A thankful heart is the key to receiving hands. It makes me a giant magnet. Thankfulness paints my world brighter! It’s like a magnifying glass that gives my eyes the ability to see what else is good in MY world. It also is like binoculars that gives me a hopeful perspective of tomorrow. Like yesterday’s lesson, Thank you essentially should be foundational in MY vocabulary. Secondly, I’ve learnt to live for an audience of one only….God! He’s the one who defines me, people will talk, but they don’t set a stage for you, I’ve learnt to ignore the noise around, but instead spread love and be love. Suwilanje💗 

If I could summarise 2017 in one word, mine would be challenging. 2017 has proven to be a challenge in many ways for us all, emotionally and spiritually. It took many beloved people from me and I saw dramatic changes in the world as I know it, But, now I find myself starting a new year, a new journey as the Earth too starts a new orbit around the Sun, I too can begin again. I can breath new life into my mind and thoughts and proceed to go further into the depths of life with a renewed sense of self and to continue to keeping believing and growing my Faith in Christ and never give up on life.Banj💙

2017 came with a lot of changes and adjustments for me. The biggest being that for the very first time I moved out of our family home to pursue and start building and working on my own life. I had to learn how to manage on my own. Not only this, but this process alone and the reality of living alone has helped me grow and change certain of my traits and characteristics. 

2017 just as every other year, helped me filter through people and has removed the veil even more from my eyes, as I can now see a little bit clearer as to who’s mine, who’s not, who I may need and who I no longer need – in every sphere and aspect of my life.I also learnt to be gutsy and not afraid to SPEAK!!! Making myself heard – this is what I was made to do. 2017 taught me to take steps toward what my heart truly desires in the long run – even if it means baby steps. Also, better a bit late than never at all. Most importantly 2017, taught me to LIVE!!! Don’t just exist. Take every opportunity to live, explore, experience life and be spontaneous – your time is now!

Along with that, I learnt so much about pain, suffering, heartbreak and betrayal. Life is so real outchea guys and it hurts. Even more so when your wounds and lacerations are caused by the least expected people. All this gives you such a different perception on life, sometimes (well actually most of the time) alters it in such a negative way and for the worst! But I’ve also learnt that MOST things happen because they are meant to happen, because without them you wouldn’t be who you should be tomorrow.Samantha💗

What I’ve learnt this year is that your surroundings can be your downfall and only you have the power to change absolutely anything and everything you want. Self control, prioritising yourself, reflection and understanding yourself are the most difficult things anyone will encounter in their life because it is ultimately down to them and only them. Not being able to rely on someone to do it for you scares and hurts people. Ive learnt that after years of not understanding, managing or prioritising myself, it’s you who causes the damage to yourself. Everything is up to you. Everything is in your hands. Choices leed to mistakes or successes. Neither out ways the other. Balance is the key. Gracie💗

There is another level: if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else or you. Make no excuses for coming to decisions that could make you happy. No one knows what they are doing. Your mindset has always been the contributing factor for you to excel.

Stay in the moment: Building a Fck it list is more powerful than a bucket list. It doesn’t matter what today is. Live, Laugh, Love.

Unlearn: The world is a remarkably huge place. Every person you will come across knows something you do not. Listen, never judge, respect and question everything. Anyone fool can judge and give criticism. Only smart ones try to empathise and make connections.

Make your brand: All the actions taken outside your comfort zone will scare you but leave your life enriched. Trust your intuition. You’re the only one who will know the correct decision.

You cannot do it alone: Life is all about making strong connections. The next person you meet has the potential to be your best friend, mentor or maybe your soul mate. Make sure to keep the entrance warm and welcoming

Transparency is scary: The vulnerability brought on by love is a scary feeling. But it has always been the ultimate life experience. Loving with all your heart will eventually lead to pain and heartbreak. It may come then go. But do not fear it. Love anyway, yourself and others too.

I have never been satisfied with anything that I have had. Resisting what I have has caused great suffering. I will never be satisfied until I am able to live in the present while considering my future. Anonymous💙 

I’ve learnt some valuable lessons in 2017, God is always faithful to those who love and trust him. Even when I think that he is not there, HE IS, I am the one that needs to listen carefully & check myself as to why I can’t hear him. Also God’s timing is better than my timing, even when I ask God for something I shouldn’t meddle just leave it to him and things always work out.

Things aren’t always what they seem. As cynical as this may sounds not everyone has my best interest at heart. When people ask how I am doing, it may not be a genuine concern, they probably just want to know you aren’t doing better than they are doing. A good support system is important, having one or two genuine friends( you can trust) is more important that having 100+ acquaintances. At the end of it all, as much of a control freak that I am. I can’t do everything I must leave it to God. I am looking forward to 2018.Winnie💗

2017 has been a challenging year for me. Main reason is that I’ve been struggling with my identity, which left me frustrated and miserable. I kept trying to change myself constantly to fit in any environment I went to but realised I had nothing in common with anyone there and I didn’t have anything to share about myself. I was angry and I was starting to give up being around people. Until I realised that I have interests that I have been neglecting because the people around me detested them, I chose to persue them and right now I feel whole. I am happy and all the things that worried me are in the past. My only goal for 2018 is to focus on doing what is right, by God’s word and to work hard towards spiritual growth. Also hit the gym like a bullet train. Emmanuel💙 

When I was asked to write about what I had learnt in 2017, I thought that it would be easy. I mean how hard could it be to pin point stand out moments. It’s the kind of stuff I feel I am always talking to my friends about, the ups the down, the bits in-between and how we cope with all that. So instead of trying to look at the year in pieces I put it all together. 2017 was a pretty tough year for me on so many levels, as I am sure it was for a lot of people. When I put the picture together there were two words that came to mind; Delayed gratification.

Something that I believe I was only able to navigate through faith. Knowing to pass up certain opportunities that presented themselves for the one I knew I was seeking even if I wasn’t sure what it looked like or what it would feel like. Knowing how to resist what wasn’t for me, no matter how tempting. It’s like driving or travelling from place to place and you have the option to stop at one service station that’s not so nice or wait a little bit longer (sometimes a long while longer) because you just have a feeling that the next service station will be better and have everything you want, you could even describe it as a journey. You know where you’re going but you can’t always see the destination.

When I was in the moment at the time I couldn’t see, the change was happening in my life but now I look back I can see it. Learn to look back on where you have come from. It’s easy to get lost in difficult moments and forget the journey and miss the change. Learn that the best kinds of gratification are not instant but they are more than worth it!

What I have learnt from twenty seventeen
I have learnt for myself that I am not what I seem
I have worth more than silver and more than that of gold
I am of God’s creation a sight to behold
I can see who my friends are and who they are not
And I have learnt this the hard way and dropped quite a lot
I have learnt to be happy with the image of me
I have learnt to love parts of all that I see
Thank you for my lessons, twenty seventeen
I am ready for my lessons of 2018, unseen. Kara💗 

This year I’ve learnt to believe in myself so fearlessly and to ensure that I always have fire burning from the inside. I’ve learnt that the people that are meant to be in your life push you towards being a greater you and not compare their successes to yours and use your failures as a way in which to gauge how much better than you they are doing. I’ve learnt that not everyone is on your side and those that smile in your face may not smile in their hearts for your achievements. I’ve learnt to follow my dreams without holding back and believing in my abilities, with utmost assurance that I will reach all the goals I set out for myself. I’ve learnt to love without caution yet to be cautious and to know when to leave a situation when it starts to eat the good in me. I’ve learnt to love me more and more each day and that my love for me is ever growing. Most importantly, this year I’ve learnt to fully depend and love on God no matter how big or small my situation is, no matter how I am feeling, no matter what I am going through and no matter how much people talk. Bwalyah💗 

I learnt to motivate myself to complete the hard tasks I faced, learnt to be strong enough to overcome my obstacles, learnt to be happy even when times were hard, learnt to be positive and surround myself with people who lifted me up rather than those who Brough me down. I learnt to be grateful and give back because I’ve learnt that even our toughest achievements/success are blessings from above, learnt to live in the moment and take risk, learnt to not be afraid of failure but rather face it, learnt to care, and become active (activism), learnt to love and cherish, learnt to be myself regardless of what society says, and last but not least I learnt to pray better this in turn helped me to develop a stronger connection with God. Chris💙 

2017 has been a year of trials and tribulations. It started off dark and to be honest I found myself caught in a cycle of unproductive negativity. I had never been in a place where I wasn’t sure of what I was doing or where I was going, I was scared, confused , hurting and worst of all in my opinion at that point… I was lost. 2017’s key word for me is…Lost.

As the months progressed , I started to see the beauty in my situation and how amazing being lost was. Being lost meant I was probably never on the right path, and only when I opened my eyes realised I was heading in the wrong direction. Being lost meant I could open myself to the possibility of accepting new maps and routes. Being lost meant I could not get too comfortable and had to stay alert. Being lost meant I could shed my old skin and reinvent myself. Being lost meant I was human.

“Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism,certainty and reason” – Alain De Botton



I hope that you enjoyed reading these inspirational reflections and that you are ready to face 2018, despite how 2017 treated you, there is light at the end of the tunnel. With that being said make the most of the last days of this year. Come through 2018!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! 

Mimmacula 💋










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