With a few days of 2017 remaining, some of us if not many are having “End of the Year Reflections”. I asked my friends and family to take part  and I am so overwhelmed at the responses I got, although it sounds easy, it’s actually a lot harder to think about this, let alone write it down. Before getting into it, I’d like to thank my friends and family for taking part in this, the reflections were so beautiful and some truly got me emotional.

So Here We Go… Our Reflections on 2017..

 I learnt to follow my instinct. You come to a lot of crossroad decisions with things to gain and lose whatever you decide. I’ve found following my gut has been key to making choices, it’s not about the choice being right or wrong, it’s trusting that you made the decision because it felt right.Victoria💗

In a nutshell, in 2017 I’ve learnt to trust my self more. Many times we get carried away listening to others opinions and views that we begin to doubt ourselves and doubt our own potential. This year I’ve ignored the words of others and as a result of this, contentment and happiness began to flourish. I’ve discovered that is the best way to live if you want to progress in all aspects of life! Anonymous💗 

I learnt the importance of solitude paired with self-reflection,in order to move forward and learn. I also learnt the importance of family and not to take them for granted.Kumbu💙 

I learnt to trust myself more. In many situations I would doubt myself whether I would be good enough in literally anything. Then I realised as I am actually pretty awesome. Lol for all I know it could simply be part of growing up , however I’m awesome and a blessing to those I meet. I also learnt to let go, life is so much lighter.Salem💗 

It’s actually really difficult to pinpoint certain lessons from a year cause things happen SO quickly and it’s easy to get caught up in the events that it’s hard to actually reflect. With that being said 2017 has taught me the importance of learning and understanding yourself as a person in order to grow; understand your weaknesses and begin to strengthen them. Know your strengths and use them to your advantage! And most importantly, listen to God because He’s the one who will make you aware of all these things and help you grow into the best person you can be.Stacey💗 

Here’s what I learnt in 2017

Choice of friends: choosing the right type of friends to be in your environment and life is something that I realized needs prayer and God’s guidance. Quality is better than quantity.
Always plan: in every case..plan, make a plan which has a backup plan and an alternative. Things don’t always work the way we want it to, be ready for change but any case don’t settle for less.Falonne💗

I’ve learnt so much in 2017 but the outstanding lessons is how to take God at his word in obedience the very last point I reached he came through and proved his perfection in my weakness ….I’ve learnt that not every smile from people is genuine sometimes it’s venom but either way God has taught me how to love such people …being tuff but it’s actually strength because at the end of the day God sets a table before his own where enemies watch .Anonymous💗 

2017 has been my year of self discovery. Knowing who I am and what makes me happy. Two things that had the most impact for me were to be private in your success and celebrate in secret, no one knows the efforts you put in to achieve what you have, therefore not everyone deserves you when you’re up. And the most important thing I learned is to be kind. You will be surprised how much joy and peace this will bring you.Serena💗

So I’ve been asked to write something small about how 2017 has been for exciting! Well where do I start let me just say I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Almighty God we serve. First of all I’ve met some really good friends throughout this year even though I lost a few but that’s life, the older you get, the less friends you have and that’s ok honestly.

Many, including myself wouldn’t believe it but I managed to get a flat for my daughter and I never thought this time would come, people often ask me how I manage and honestly it’s hard but I tell you what I’ve got an amazing support system and I wouldn’t ask for any other…. I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you so long story short, if I’ve learnt anything this year is to let God be the first priority in every aspect of my life and for a change I need to focus on myself. Stay Blessed.Pimpa💗

I’ve learnt that God is for me at all times and never against me. I’ve learnt that he is faithful even when I am not faithful. Last but not least HE is a God of second chances. Anonymous💗

What I’ve learnt in 2017 is to help people without expecting appreciation in return, although I’ve come to realise that people will always expect more and when you say “NO” you’re suddenly seen as a bad person. If you want to do better or do well in life you must fight for it unless it was already established for you before you were born. Last but not least, marriage life is harder than you think, go in it with full strength and with a strong attitude of never giving up otherwise it might break you.Kenny💙

In 2017 I’ve learnt to always work hard and stay positive. I’ve learnt that negative thoughts encourages you to lose motivation and my goal is to succeed and put 100% effort in anything I sign myself up to do. Most importantly I’ve learnt to trust in God with everything and with that I have began to worry less. And finally, I’ve learnt to value my friendships and relationships.Lisah💗

When I think about 2017 … I am not fully happy about it. In 2016 , I made myself a promise to make this one a better year , a happier one. I took a lot of “big life decisions “… decided to be more confident and try my best to be happy, learn new things, meet new people , be less sad and also believe that good things can happen to me .. well… that’s why I’m never that person who does life reflections at the end of a year… because 2017 was not what I expected it to be. I had to go through a lot , live through a lot , fought lost battles, I can’t count how many times I got knocked out or how many times I cried.

But I learnt a lot about myself. And I guess it’s all part of life . It goes down and it comes back up. I think we learn more when we’re into hardships, it gives us the chance to realise how strong we really are. So yeah 2017 was what it was. Although I had a lot of bad moments, I had happy ones too not too many but they were all worth it . I’m grateful to make it to the end of the year safe and sound but hey I can’t wait for this year to go away.Anonymous💗 

2017 taught me a lot, I dealt with deception, pain, betrayal, despair. This year had a huge effect on my emotions however overall love made everything better. With the support of my sister, my family and my future husband I was able to go through whatever was thrown at me. Also I’ve learnt to love better, patience, tolerance and forgiveness. Love and family are the most precious things to me and truly I am grateful for it all.Methe💗

In 2017 I’ve learnt to be selfish.Not the bad kind of selfish but the kind of selfish that involves you loving yourself and knowing that YOU deserve every happiness and if that means cutting certain people off that don’t better you….then so be it. 2017 has been the highlight of my life, I’ve cried, laughed, made friends and lost some but in all of that I’ve grown and I’ve made decisions that mean my 2018 is gonna be DA BOMB
I’m proud of how far I’ve come and excited for where I am going.Anonymous💗 

My 2017 reflection compiles into the many lessons I learnt throughout the year. Life is getting mad, it’s not as simple as Do, Re, Mi, it’s led me to a point where I’ve had to say enough is enough. One can’t simply go through life in attempt of solving a puzzle only for his fellow mankind to come and stomp over it. How does one live a “PERSONNAL” life when humanity will want to PUBLICISE and MISINTERPRET it?. I’ve come to realise that mankind will never let things be simple even though “Ecclesiastes 7:29  says :“See this alone I found; God made humans being straightforward, but they search for many complications” in conclusion Humans are COMPLICATED beings!

I’ve also learnt that people display loyalty, however sometimes the loyalty feeds to their need and once that need has changed, the loyalty does too. Another lesson is that often people will only feel good about themselves when they make others feel bad about themselves. One has to live their OWN life according to the persona created by the ones around them? Mankind is persistent on frowning upon that very thing that will create a fragment of smile. Why are we so eager to break down walls of friendships with out whispers, rather than build them up like the Great Walls of China.

Words trigger reactions, reactions trigger emotions, emotions trigger reactions and reactions trigger words, an endless circle that humanity stubbornly perpetuate, words leave a print on an individual’s soul. (Proverb 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death”).Mankind teaches us is that no matter what good you do on this earth , man will desperately find faults in how you do your good and serve to turn that into a demolition of your integrity. Let us leave all perfection to God.

Dear life, I will choose not to let this world make me bitter, the action of others will not turn me sour and cold. In time many things will happen good and bad. You have taught me, it is far better to admit the wrong graciously and avoid masking it with an excuse. I make mistakes, we all make mistakes, we’re not perfect. I will remain a firm believer that good and bad are merely names for the things people do, rather than a true representation of who they are, in all this I also include myself.Kevin💙 

…To Be Continued💋



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