Bucket Lists

Helloooo lovely people❤️

So I’ve had a few ideas of what to come back with and I decided to talk about a conversation I had with someone a few days ago and I believe many of us have dealt with or are still dealing with.

I’m sure we’ve all had a bucket list or simply have a desire of expressing ourselves in a certain way. However, how many of those things on our lists have we not ticked off simply because someone said something negative about it or even better not done it to avoid hurting other people’s feelings.

This got me thinking, should we really live on pleasing others … All the time? How many things have you put aside because someone said you couldn’t do it? I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do anything harmful as a way of expressing themselves.. However, the things that make you happy.. whether it’s photography , dancing , makeup, sports, anything you find joy in and anything that interests you. You should go for it..

You’re only given one life and your own happiness should be a priority.

With that being said .. I will revisit my bucket list and make sure by the end of the year I would have ticked off a few things.



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