Goodbye 2016!Hello2017!

Valldemossa 2016

“Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017”

Let’s face it we all said the same thing every year, but do we truly say goodbye to the previous year? I have personally said this several times then I find myself reminiscing on the wonderful things that happened over the passing year. Is it wrong to remember what happened before? I would not want to forget and say goodbye to the memories of laughter, joy and sometimes even pain that occurred in 2016. Ok maybe I don’t want to think about all of the negative things that happened but as they say; “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” I mean look at us we made it in 2017 if that’s not a good thing I don’t know what is.

So how about I introduce myself with some of my memories of 2016.

There is no doubt that I am fortunate enough to get to travel, with some of my favourite hobbies being pretty things and eating. In 2016 I started off my summer in Cannes, a beautiful resort town located on the French Riviera. I had just done my exams and felt gratitude for a well-deserved break from “sunny” old England. With circumstances leading me to Cannes it became the logical place to have my short break.I loved the atmosphere in Cannes, the food was amazing, the streets lined up with upmarket boutiques, the beautiful sandy beaches and the sun!  what more can i say, Cannes felt like some type of paradise. My hotel was situated near the famous shopping streets; Rue D’Antibes and La Croisette, where I spent most of my time trying to convince myself that my wardrobe did not need another little black dress, or that a certain bag might just be the perfect birthday present. However one thing I did not resist was treating myself to fancy dinners and cocktails at the restaurants by the beach, I would recommend “Bâoli Beach” and “Julianna”  they served amazing food and cocktails are worth every cent.

For the next part of summer, I returned to England where I celebrated my 21st birthday. This was the first birthday that I had celebrated away from home and it had turned out better than I had thought. Yes, I turned 21 last year! Exciting! Although my initial plan was to fly to Paris with my girls to have a fabulous “Burlesque Birthday Weekend”, I decided to have a barbecue at home with my friends and honestly it couldn’t have been better.

A few days after my birthday, I packed my bags and off I was for Mallorca, my home. This summer compared to my other ones was very different, in the most amazing way. Like on most holidays back home I made the most of it and got to discover some new places around Mallorca, I also got to catch up with some old friends who I do not get to see during the year.

cropped-dsc012421.jpgFast forward to festive season, from debating what to get my family and friends. Festive season can be stressful however once the gift exchange has taken place and you witness the happiness, it’s all worth it. I spent my holidays at a ski resort in Galtür, which I currently refer to as my Christmas home as it has been our family holiday destination for the last three years now. Galtür is a beautiful village in the upper valley in Austrian state of Tyrol. Although the weather conditions were not as expected , we managed to spend some time skiing and got to reunite with family members which is what Christmas really is about.

Overall 2016 was a great year and I am grateful for it and totally looking forward to what God has in store for me in 2017



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